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Messaging a friend

Messaging a friend

So I know on the website if you do home, then under the search button. There is an inbox and you can send messages. But whenever I put my friend's name displayed on their Spotify Profile. It cannot find them. It says "No Matches" Can anyone help me with this? I would message them via discord. But I no longer have my account on there that had them added.

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Are you talking about the inbox on the Spotify community website?

If you do, did you check if your friend has a community profile?

Have a nice day 🙂

Yeah, I am talking about the Community site. I didn't know you had to make an account, I thought if you had a Spotify account that it'll make you one automatically. Do you know of any way I can reach them through Spotify?

Sadly there’s no way to communicate through Spotify. 

Hope I could help, Have a nice day 🙂

Well, that is a bummer. But thank you!

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