Minutes listened- Spotify Wrapped


Minutes listened- Spotify Wrapped

How many minutes did you listen to Spotify this year? 


Check Spotify Wrapped if you want to know 

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Hi folks, another year has passed - time for some new Wrapped stats! 🎊


We have a new current thread for Stats-sharing for 2021 - you can go here and share your results with us. 


Excited to see how much time you've spent listening to your fave artists and podcasts! 


Go go go!

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Hey everyone, you can share your 2022 Wrapped stats with us here:


2022 Wrapped (Share your stats with us) 

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Is there such thing as listening too much??? 295,651mins


Mine was 36,525 which I thought was impressive, but the more people's minutes I see, my number is just lame. lol

22 595!



Does not inlcude my own collection listening and when not on premium.

5516 minutes, I honestly don't know how people find enough good music to listen to


counted since may, but ive been listening to a cds alot also

@pasisallinen20 wrote:

5516 minutes, I honestly don't know how people find enough good music to listen to

I can always find more music, It time that I have trouble finding more of.

for me it's pretty much the opposite haha

Yeah, I’m a smash player. Along with that I know many things that most don’t know about these communities. Melee isn’t part of the actual smash community and I’m not saying that because I don’t like them. I’m saying that based off of years of research.

is it no longer available for view after 2018? i couldnt access it before because of the bug, but when they got it working i was busy. ive tried, but i can only find my 2 wrapped playlists not my minutes

26,000 minutes 🙂 

292 687 minutes. 2D1172B0-8884-4ECD-9E5C-9E988E7106A9.jpeg


i would highly reccomend the artist BTS! my favourites are home, love maze, whalien 52, rain, autum leaves, and intro: persona. they have a lot of r&b, hip hop, rap and pop if you're into any of that.

Does this count minutes of podcasts listened as well?

This too much?  


quality of quantity?

For this year it was only 45 347 minutes. I tested other services and I didn't only concentrate on using Spotify and I have real record collection of thousands and thousands of physical albums aswell (lp + cd)..

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