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Remove Eddie Murphy "Faggots" Track From Spotify!

Remove Eddie Murphy "Faggots" Track From Spotify!

Since Spotify doesn't make it straightforward to contact them about something, I'll go ahead and put this in the public forum they directed me to. I was disgusted to see the name of a track on Eddie Murphy's 1982 self-titled "comedy" album called "Faggots". Cringing, I went ahead and pressed play to see if it was going to be as bad as it sounded, and it was. Murphy relays how he and his friends harass homosexuals. And uses that term, which is and always has been intended to convey hatred of gays, repeatedly. How this made it onto spotify with such a glaringly hateful name is beyond me. If Spotify doesn't act quickly on removing this hate speech, I will be creating petitions everywhere I can, as well as contacting HRC to get the full weight of the gay community behind this effort.

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Hi Geam91119.
It's best to take this issue up with Spotify directly through the contact form.
I apologise for any issues on finding the contact form you had, you can find it here.

If you need to find it in the future it can be found by clicking "Help" on the top of the page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking "Contact Spotify" listed under "Useful Links".
On this page there is a link to the contact form under the title "Contact Form".

Again I am sorry for any issues you have had.
If you need any further help on contacting Spotify drop a reply on this thread and i'll get back to you.




I was directed to this site by the link you posted. This is the only channel Spotify directs members to for feedback. If you have some secret email address, please, enlighten me. 



Hey there, @Geam91119


Thanks for the report. We've passed this on.

Also, thanks @InfusionGB for helping out here.


We take this very seriously - content listed by the BPjM is proactively removed from our service. We look at other content when it’s flagged, and raise it with the right team. Additionally, we hope that individuals use their own discretion to determine exactly what they listen to.


We'll be here if there are any other questions,


Hi Melody,


The reply is very much appreciated. The lack of progress on this, however, is not. Why is this hateful content still up more than a month after it has supposedly been brought to Spotify's attention? I will be starting a publicity drive on this if it's still up in 2018.




Hi Melody,


Sorry to see that you ignored my last reply. Since you didn't answer the question of why the tracks are still up, I have a new question for you and everyone else in the Spotify community: Will you please sign my petition to have these hateful tracks removed?:

**bleep**, freedom of speech exists or does it.

Congrats on your ignorance. “Freedom of speech” refers to the government not restricting citizens‘ speech. I guess you h try ink Spotify is part of the deep state or something and so the constitution applies to it?

So now they take the whole album off spotify because y’all complain about **bleep**gots? What about Boogie in the **bleep**? That song is freaking hilarious and I have to go to Youtube to listen to it now! 

**bleep** they censored **bleep**. Get real Spotify!

Congrats you got the whole album removed. Boogie in your **bleep** is a song gay people love **bleep** and isn't Eddie Murphy literally gay?

This isn’t on a musical album but keep hating w you ignorant self

Okay girl. But realistically, its not that deep, if you homosexuals find the word **bleep** so offensive then maybe change it about yourselves so you don't cry over a simple word.

It's not so much about the word as it is about how he condones
harassing gay people in the bit in question. But then again, use of
that word and harassment/hate have historically gone hand in hand, so,
while no one is crying (do you assume that I am because you assume
that I'm gay? hmm), yeah, it's a shitty word, and you seem to be a
similar type person.

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