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Missing Music...why?


Missing Music...why?

Can someone explain why the following albums have recently gone missing:


Pavement - "Brighten The Corners"

Pavement - "Terror Twilight"

Smashing Pumpkins - "Pisces Iscariot"

Smashing Pumpkins - "Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness"

Smashing Pumpkins - "Adore"

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "The Tyranny Of Distance"

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "Hearts Of Oak"

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "Shake The Sheets"


Is there an ETA for the return of any of these?


Also...Is there any chance that the following will be added soon:


Built To Spill - "There Is Nothing Wrong With Love"

Modest Mouse - "This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About"

Modest Mouse - "The Loneseome Crowded West"

Modest Mouse - "Building Nothing Out Of Something"

Genesis - "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"

Peter Gabriel

Pink Floyd

John Lennon


Your competitors seem to have them...

108 Replies

I kind of have the same type of question. I was looking up Bob Seger and Peter Gabriel's albums and they are not on Spotify. When i look them up it just offers others that have sung their music or karoake versions of their music. What is up with that?

Hi. Please check out point 5 of the music FAQ which explains what you can do about missing content.

Where have Klingande's songs gone? Jubel and Punga used to be on Spotify UK but they aren't any longer...

Anyone know why they've gone?



Only the publishers can answer that. Have you tried contacting them?

Let it be , with The Beatles is not on Spotify... (no original version...) 

Am I wrong?

there's no Beatles at all on Spotify - I think iTunes is the only digital music provider that has their albums.

This link, as well as "Meredith's" do not lead to an explanation.  Can you update the link please?  I have the same question that was risen here...


Typical spotify. Always on about how much music is going on there, but never a mention of how much of it is taken down. Back to itunes I go! At least you get what you pay for.

Typical also, that every answer given beats around the bush. The only one who came close to answering the original question properly was SteveBrammer. As far as I'm concerned, spotify doesn't bother providing support.

This is very sad... I decided to pay for Premium because I thought it was great value for money... but then my favorite bands start disappearing... think I might cancel my subscription 😞

by the way, I came on this thread because music from CHVRCHES disappeared, and I saw that one poster mentioned that too. I also went to the band's Facebook page and found another user who had the same problem, and the band replied that they contacted Spotify to see what's going on. So it may not even be the band itself who removed the tracks. Just saying.

2014-07-26 10_48_27-CHVRCHES.jpg

This can sometimes be a temporary technical issue. Have you checked to see if the music is availble now @danipnk ? 

I am having a similar issue with new Spoon album. I synced it offline for a flight, then it cut out at half album on the plane. I seriously doubt Spoon restricted access to the second half of their new album. And I am really sorry but I do feel like the FAQ is a bit patronizing with it's "you can't always get what you want" cheeky attitude.

This has happened to me many times with random songs/albums. They just quit playing mid song. Not always the same song either.

@shweeney wrote:

you're right, there's a few Wings albums missing as well (in Ireland at least)


London Town

Back to the Egg

At the speed of sound


One year later, these 3 are all present, as is Wingspan but still no "Ram" - it is now the only McCartney album missing.

This sort of crap doesn't happen when you buy CDs. Jussayin. Future of music my ass.

I hope you're being ironic or do you have instant access to millions of CDs?

@romulusnr wrote:

This sort of crap doesn't happen when you buy CDs. Jussayin. Future of music my ass.

 actually McCartney's Ram is on the system, but not available here in Ireland.

I hope you're being obtuse, because "ironic" doesn't mean what you think it does.


Instant access to millions of CDs? Yeah, except for the ones that magically disappear. And when they reappear, they reappear as entirely different entries.


My CDs  in my collection don't go missing for a month and then come back suddenly, appearing in the back of my sock drawer.


When I buy a CD, it doesn't disappear. It stays there. I can play it today, I can play it next week, I can play it three years from now.


It's like magic or something.


Spotify can't provide that certainty.


With many old songs, I think many of these labels and Artists are being a little bit greedy. Long before the advent of Spotify we were buying some of the Artist's music on every format it was available whether it was Vinyl, Cassette, CD and then mp3 -and that's not even mentioning re-masters and re-releases they have sold in addition to the original albums.  Now everything is going to the cloud whether it's Spotify or another service and the Artist is complaining "boo hoo I am being ripped off or compensated unfairly."  This is non sense because these Artists are paid or were paid up front when they signed with their record contract to record so many albums.  They also need to remember that if someone is a true fan, they likely already own the album in one format or another.  I own hundred's of CD's that I purchased in the 90's when CD's were criminally expensive ($17+) and so I don't want to hear about compensation!  I shouldn't have to unbox and then rip a CD in order to sync these songs to my ipod via my computer when an Album that has already sold millions of copies should be available. It's an inconvenience when I already have a list created but then if I login on another device (such as my Roku 3) the song isn't available because it is stored as an offline file only on the particular device it was synched with.


Spotify will be to the new era of music streaming what Napster was to the mp3, but at least with Spotify they are getting something.  Seems everytime a company finds a legitmate way of doing business, it's never good enough for the Artist or the Label and thus it negatively impacts the fan base.


My two cents.

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