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I know this has been brought up before, but I've never seen a specific answer...


I know about the rights of the artists and music labels, and that Spotify needs permission from them to feature their music. They say this every time someone makes a suggestion about a track or album to add to Spotify.


Is there a place though where Spotify users can suggest new content and where Spotify can say whether or not they're able to have it in the app? There's groups and songs out there that are fairly uncommon and unknown, and when people suggest these songs be added, I'd like to know if the label has actually said no or if they were simply not asked or haven't responded. If users see the artist or label has said no, they'll stop pestering Spotify about it and try asking those with the music rights instead.


If you don't tell people the artist doesn't allow their music here, people will keep asking!

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Hey @hannibalhaswari, thanks for posting! 


Yes, there is a google form where you can submit your songs/artists request. 

Of course, this not guarantees at 100% that the song will be added, but if the interest is high, Spotify may talk with the artists or their labels. 


This is the form for Music Request : ) 

You may also be interested in this idea which suggesting simpler method for requesting music on Spotify


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