Music Add Request


Music Add Request

Please add Marques Houston- Naked Album
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Please add FORTUNE - westside. Honestly my fave song rn

Please add diamond in the rough album by Avenged Sevenfold specifically girl I know and dancing dead songs within the album

Please add Politijagt with yahya hassan

why did they take off Alizée's first 4 albums 😮 


I love her discography. I think it's available in France but not in the US. :'( 

Please add the platinum trance album back to Spotify

Can you add puffy Ami yumi album splurge please? Thank you!

I have a request to make, please add 'Sadi Gali' song from Tanu weds Manu movie. Thank you

Please add more Chance the Rapper. Specifically the Acid Rap Album

Could somebody please add song Crazy by Andrew Garcia. Thank You

Add this guy!

His names Mighty Mike, I'm pretty sure his stuff either is or was on itunes but never spotify.

Could you add GALIN albums from Bulgaria? TY:)

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