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[Music] Contact Asian Music Record Labels!

[Music] Contact Asian Music Record Labels!

Spotify has always had an extensive music library dedicated to Asian songs. However, since Apple Music has come out, even though it is buggy and glitchy, the amount of Asian songs on the service is outstanding. A reason why is that Apple has the ability to contact Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thailand (etc.) labels. Spotify should be the same way.


Spotify is non-existent in Asian countries (besides Hong Kong and Taiwan), which is probably why they see sometimes, no effort to translate and contact the record labels. Let me tell you that Spotify is doing pretty good, however they can do way better.


In KPOP songs from

are missing.


In JPOP songs from

are missing.


There are of course, whole genres or some songs sprinkled around that are missing in action!


Not to mention, some artist's songs (either old or new) are also missing.


Here are some solutions to this problem


a) Contact the record labels

I have listed links, all you need to do is contact them and negotiate, it might take a while, but we can wait.


b) Turn the tables, launch Spotify in Asian countries.

Start somewhere where streaming music is limited or not there yet.


Examples -


Korea has released KakaoMusic, however minority of users use it. 


Japan has released AWA Music and Line Music. Both of which are currently popular.


Even Thailand has released Line Music.




Vietnam has not released any streaming music programs, perfect place to start. In fact, Vietnamese people are either interested in US Pop, KPOP or VPOP, with the occasional JPOP included. It could be a win win if you start there. In fact, Zing MP3 has blocked US Pop in the past year, letting Vietnam citizens unable to listen to artists such as Beyonce (etc.). 


It's also profitable to release Spotify in Vietnam. (Economy, etc.).


However, a downside is that Spotify has to be able to compete with Zing MP3 (1 month of VIP is $1.33USD)!




Please add more Asian songs to Spotify.


All you KPOP, JPOP and VPOP fans, Kudos if you want more!



I can speak to you in English, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本, 普通话, 廣東話, 한국어, Tiếng Việt

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