Musician who likes to make different genres


Musician who likes to make different genres

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Hello guys, 


I am an musician who loves to make different kinds of music. Mainly instrumentals, but in different genres. For example: I just finished an orchestra track and can't wait to upload it to Spotify, but I already have couple of hip hop beats there with a couple plays. I wonder if it's a good idea to mix many genres on one artist profile. I think maybe some people just don't like that. And I am not only talking about orchestra and hip hop, but also plain piano tracks and dubstep sometimes. 

What do you think? I wonder if that could be a problem for the spotify algorithm or something like that. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?


Thank you!

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I actually do have a very good understanding of what you are thinking about. In my honest opinion there is no right or wrong way to do music but if you organize your catalogs that you upload to Spotify before uploading them. Maybe put all one type of genre on one ep. or Lp.  (4-6 instrumentals 8-10 instrumentals) of the same genre at a time. Gives your listeners and fans a choice of what project they would want to listen to also giving you a chance to gain fans from each genre.