My music is playing but no sound is playing

My music is playing but no sound is playing


I need help, my music is playing but no sound is coming throught the speakers and my headhones. its making me mad cause i can listen to my music. please help me. its happened twice since made my spotify account.

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Are you listening on your phone? 

this might be a problem with your phone not spotify


Hi there,


This might be a problem with your phone or your headphones/earbuds. If not, try deleting spotify and then download it again. You can also try to shut off your phone completely and try again. One thing to watch out for is if there are other devices nearby, like your computer, Spotify might be connecting to them. Make sure that the third reason is not your case, because it's very common and most people don't realize it. 


if your bluetooth is on it might be automatically connecting to nearbye devices (alexa, headphones, cars) try turning it off and see if that helps

it could also simply be a glitch that will fix itself if you close the app and reopen it

if you are listening on widnows you need to go to the control panel and change the volume from there instead of from the spotify app

Good luck!


Hi, the problem could be that your device is connected to a different device so you can't hear it.


When I'm on my phone listening to my music and my computer is nearby sometimes it connects to my computer. To fix this I simply click on the song and below the song title, it should say if a device is connected or not if one is just press disconnect.

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