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My new releases don't fit my library at all

My new releases don't fit my library at all







Windows 11, Android 12 Realme Pro 8


My new releases don't match my library, for example, I receive recommendations for relaxation music, but I've never listened to such music on Spotify and I don't follow it at all. Another example: the band Hundreds released the EP "Recover" on April 28, 2023, but Spotify did not inform me about it. even though I follow Hundreds. This is true for a lot of bands I follow but never get notified of new releases.




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Hey @greenster,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome. 


In this case, we'd like to add some insights. The What's New feed, along with the latest releases from artists, podcasts, and shows you follow, may also include content recommendations received in push notifications. That's the reason why you can sometimes find some content that you perhaps don't follow, but it's recommended due to listening habits.


On another note, the What’s New feed only contains the latest content within the last 2 months from artists and shows which artists a user follows. Since you mentioned you couldn't see content published on the 28th of April, this may occur for a few different reasons: Delays may occur due to caching. The release will show up soon, so we recommend logging out and back in from your Spotify account on the affected devices. If too many releases happen in a limited time window, releases may show up delayed in What’s New.


Lastly, the What's New feed is only available on Android and iOS devices; in other words, you can see it on mobile phones and some tablets. Since you mentioned this is happening to you on your computer device (Windows 11 OS), we'd like to check: did you mean a similar thing is happening to you when playing the Release Radar playlist? If yes, please let us know. Keep in mind that you can improve the recommendations you received on said playlist by using the Remove button you can find in the desktop app, right next to the song you want to remove.


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