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My radios keep playing only Steampunk artists and I can't ban them all

My radios keep playing only Steampunk artists and I can't ban them all

I have multiple playlists that range from 20-400+ songs depending on the theme, with a lot of different genres. Every time I play a radio station, though, I'm always swamped with a bunch of Indie Steampunk bands that I absolutely hate. I've banned Steam Powered Giraffe, Evelyn Evelyn, and a bunch of others that I can't remember the names of, and I feel like for every one I pick "don't play this artist" the radio just adds three more I hadn't heard of. I thought eventually it'd pick up that I don't like that genre, but something in the code seems to think I have a thing for Steampunk?


The most explanation I can find is that most of the playlists I have include a few songs by Aurelio Voltaire--who, by the way, is NOT a Steampunk artist. He is a Goth artist that sometimes uses classical instruments, and one of his albums was Industrial themed. But the majority of the songs I include are his rock-styled songs with electric guitar from a completely different album, with a completely different style! If anything, most of any of my playlists IS heavily electric guitars and bass with an emphasis on the late 90s. I tried removing all of the Voltaire from a playlist, and the radio latched on to the 2-4 musical theater tracks and suddenly everything was Broadway numbers with the worst of Otacore sprinkled in between.


I know I can choose "don't play this artist" on mobile every time one of the musicians I don't like pops up, but it happens so frequently that I'm wondering if there's another solution besides just shuffling the same old music I usually listen to. I'm just really sick of every two songs rolling my eyes at the sound of yet another guy wielding an accordion.

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