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Need a workout playlist!!

Need a workout playlist!!

Just looking for some workout playlists. 

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Here try this:

or this


Hey there @wavyap_!
Spotify has a playlist available for workouts made by Spotify:

Hope this helps! Have a nice day! 🙂

My latest new workout playlist will get you motivated for the gym.

Enjoy 🙂

Hi there!!!


I have a few playlists for working out. If you do not like them spotify has lots pre made!!

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 7.47.37 AM.pngScreenshot 2019-04-30 at 7.47.16 AM.png

Please like

Give this one a try! It's a playlist of great music to get some energy pumping. Check it out here:


Hey @wavyap_,


Spotify has a whole genre page dedicated to Workout playlists only, you can check it out below:


Hope you'll find at least one you like. 🙂

Take it old school! 



It realy depends on your taste in music. I could recommend a ton, but I'm going to stick with Sarah's Day. She has playlists depending on the type of workout. I've linked them below. 


Sexxy Sounds: Sweaty

Sexxy Sounds: Toning

Sexxy Sounds: Recovery


I've created a playlist full of good - and positive music, to keep you motivated when working out. 

It's ideal for running, fitness or/and soulcycle

hope u enjoy 🙂


Ideal global music to perform exercises both indoors and outdoors. Follow this playlist! >>  SPORT PUSH SPORT PUSH playlist.jpg

I use two workout playlists, I have an EDM playlist for running (Running Mix) , and I have a general workout playlist that is bass and beat based (BRAP).

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