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New Composer Weekly Playlists

New Composer Weekly Playlists

Hello, Spotify Community!


As a regular consumer of fine art (classical) music, I had really enjoyed listening to Spotify's Composer Weekly playlists. What a great way to start my work week on my Monday commute while sipping some fresh coffee! If you have also followed this playlist, you may have noticed that the profile has not uploaded any new playlists for quite some time. I am unsure as to why this is or if there are any plans to continue the series.


Therefore, I have decided to begin creating my own weekly playlists, featuring composers new and old, well-known and obscure. I will ensure no composer is duplicated, so each week is a unique aural experince!


Here is the link to the first (181st) playlist, featuring Alexander Utendal (1543/45 - 1581):

2 Replies

this is such a good Idea, Im pleased that u have done this because it might inspire other listeners to do that



Hope you like it.  Thank you for your time and consideration!

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