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New Home Feed Interface?

New Home Feed Interface?

Sorry but this new "tiktok-like" interface is so ugly. Spotify needs to realise that a familiar design on one app absolutely doesn't work for others. It doesn't "promote discovery" and honestly just makes me feel less inclined to scroll through hundreds of what looks like Stories to find new music. It's an absolute eyesore and an assault on the ears to scroll through.

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it's just so crazy to me that what we saw made it into the real world. for all the reasons you said. and i cant see it doing anything other than a temporary boost in plays for their chosen artists. well, that and bringing people (across the globe) together on a forum that most likely didn't know existed. 

Has anybody noticed lately on now Spotify added in the now playing on your device all the artist are in the song instead of one. 
Example: Me voy By rbd and with the new update it’s now Me Voy By RBD, etc. like is there an option to turn it off

I've been using Apple Music exclusively for about a month now, since TikToktify was forced on me, and what can I say, I don't miss Spotify one bit and don't want to go back.


The app looks much better, because it has a light-dark mode, the quality of the music is much better, especially with the AirPods Pro and Max and also via Apple TV you can stream in Lossless to the Sonos speakers.


Thank you Spotify for helping me make this decision!

What is it with this company, that they simply do not listen to their customers?


Its not just these forums – enter anything related to the new design into a search engine and you’ll quickly see the placing is coming down with users who absolutely detest it. People are leaving in their droves over this issue.


Spotify’s reaction? Carry on and pretend everything’s great.


There’s a disturbing level of arrogance constantly on display by these guys. It doesn’t matter how many customers complain, Spotify just presses ahead with all guns blazing.


They remind me of a political party who’ve been in power for far too long and simply cannot accept any level of criticism. But as Boris Johnson knows, all that bad behaviour will eventually catch up with you!

Thank you!

Those giant preview-cards taking up the whole screen are already horrible enough.

Why would you even add auto-play to it?

And to add insult to injury, users dont even get a chance to disable it.


It doesn't optimize the UI.

It doesn't help me to dive back into something or find something new, as the support says its supposed to, it just makes it so much harder.

Now, whenever I want to scroll through music to find some mixes or playlists or just add a few podcast episodes to my queue, I'm forced to scroll through a bunch of useless tiles obstructing the whole screen while starting auto-playback.

You actually made me turn off sound, whenever I open a music app.

Seriously how in gods name could somebody have thought this was a great idea?


Switched to Apple Music after premium for 10 years.


Good job destroying your product. Absolute**bleep** changes by a bunch of brain dead idiots.

Returning to these threads after trying Tidal for a few weeks. Relatively seamless change between old Spotify mobile UI and current Tidal UI. Playlist transfer is a bonus--just make sure to split your library into chunks so it can be imported for free. The biggest bonus though is Tidal's Hifi experience. I cannot begin to explain how flabbergasted I've been listening to Tidal Hifi. I'm continually surprised with how much more depth I'm hearing from the same song on the same speaker. Spotify is giving you an inferior audio experience. 

Thank you for sharing your feedback about the new interface. I understand that it can be frustrating when a familiar design from one app doesn't work well for another. However, I'd like to let you know that the team worked hard to develop this new interface with the aim of promoting discovery and making it easier for users to find new music.

It may have been the goal of the team to develop an interface that promotes
discovery of new music, however they clearly failed at that task, and
ruined what was once a great product.

Yep they scored a goal alright - one of the most spectacular own goals of all time. 

Wow, all the things you know! I would then like to say to the team that they shouldn't develop new things without knowing the needs of our users! One problem with Spotify seems to be that they have the arrogance to think they know what users want better than they even do.

As it's their application, and yes they do use users ideas for features and what more. They did it to better layout the application, not just to be entitled. they want to what they like, to have a Better experience. this doesn't mean that their not listening.

My spotify has been changed back to the old homescreen. So I am very happy about that. Does anybody else have the old homescreen back?

Yes. The tiktok tiles are relegated to the "Music" tab top of screen. (iOS

iOS, Android or any other platform? Working in tech myself it feels kind of wrong to have such an old version of Spotify installed (something something something security risk). I can indeed confirm it's now only on the "Music" tab on iOS (my wife's iPhone), but I'm afraid to update on my own phone (Android). My wife never got the complete Tiktok Home overhaul, so she was baffled that I wanted to cancel the subscription ("you're overreacting, as per usual"). Since neither of us ever visit the "Music" tab, as Home does the trick for both of us, she came around very quickly when she tapped "Music" when I said the Tiktok feed could be under there and she finally saw the mess with her own eyes (and ears, as auto-play still is a thing). I didn't even know that menu existed, never touched it even once as I always use Release Radar and the other recommendations Spotify does from the Home screen (see, it was doing its job perfectly!), so if that's the "fix" (just use Home instead of the "music" tab, so... use Spotify as I always did), I can at least keep Spotify for now.

Still, though, it should be gone altogether - it was a terrible design choice, and now that I've browsed the old style "music" tab on my older version of Spotify, that also makes way more sense than a blaring page with a single video tile.

Thanks everyone for posting here in the community and letting us know what you think - I have shared all of your messages. I can confirm that all current tests related to the mobile Home feed have ended. All of the data and feedback will inform any future tests. It may take a little time to see the changes, try restarting a couple of times. 


We will close this thread for any further comments soon.

Thank you so very much for getting things back in a working order. 

The homefeed scrolling is very laggy though, looking forward to a fix for that. 

Unbelievably, Spotify has admitted to having messed up. However, it's too late for me and my family, because we feel very comfortable with AM and Spotify has already announced to put even more advertising in the app in the future.

Never should have been forced on people, the option to opt out should always be given, forcing horrible design has cost Spotify subscribers 

pass that feedback along as well, not that it matters to me, very happy with Tidal now, guess I should thank Spotify and their ridiculous design team for forcing me to check Tidal out 

Hooray!  As long as you don't just select 'music' the proper 'music aficionado' UI appears to be back - should satisfy us and Generation Z subscribers.  Next project - Audio Quality!  Can now take advantage of my 3 month offer! 🙂

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