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New Home Feed Interface?

New Home Feed Interface?

Sorry but this new "tiktok-like" interface is so ugly. Spotify needs to realise that a familiar design on one app absolutely doesn't work for others. It doesn't "promote discovery" and honestly just makes me feel less inclined to scroll through hundreds of what looks like Stories to find new music. It's an absolute eyesore and an assault on the ears to scroll through.

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Thanks everyone for posting here in the community and letting us know what you think - I have shared all of your messages. I can confirm that all current tests related to the mobile Home feed have ended. All of the data and feedback will inform any future tests. It may take a little time to see the changes, try restarting a couple of times. 


We will close this thread for any further comments soon.

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You MUST respect my iOS settings to minimize motion. I do NOT want the artist card title with motion. I don’t watch MTV and music videos. I thought I turned this off. “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed was my example.   

Premium. iPhone 14 pro. North America. Using latest version of Spotify. 

suddenly my Home Screen is now completely infested with podcasts, shows, audiobooks. 

Spotify Cares on twitter is generally helpful but is now manned by utterly clueless folks. They asked me to change something in Settings. There’s no such setting. To remove podcasts. 

Then after asking inane questions like my device info (why? Will this be different on iPhone 13? Or on a Mac? Same issues there) they then proceeded to tell me that Home Screen is going to reflect my click behaviour. What does this mean? In the last 6 years I’ve never once watched a podcast. Not once have I heard an audiobook or show. By this logic these idiotic suggestions should disappear from my Home, yes? Why are they there at all? 

Not only have the last dozen Discover Weekly been totally disappointing, now we have to grapple with podcast infestation. The hundreds of threads on this subject point to an aged “idea” that has 12,000 likes. But Spotify is unable to implement this as a setting. I understand the need to make money despite charging premium (and not offering lossless or HQ)…but this is rubbish. 

Please advise how to remove anything other than music from my Spotify. I pay for this service. 

What is the rationale behind autoplaying podcast previews, removing my decision of what I will to listen to?


Give me the ability to stop ANYTHING from autoplaying.

iphone 14 pro max. premium subscriber for years. my phone just updated to include this godawful ui change where the playlist title is at the left side of the screen, for some reason?


this reminds me of the terrible update where the song title suddenly shifted to the top of the screen, which i ALSO had to come to the forums to complain about until it reverted back.


@ spotify, STOP MAKING THESE AWFUL DESIGN CHOICES. no one's eyes are going immediately to the left side of the screen for some reason, they are going to the MIDDLE which is why the location of the playlist title made sense.


who is deciding this? i'm paying for this service just to be terrorized by your pointless and frankly stupid design changes every week? how about you fix the issue where playlists sporadically decide not to loop, which has been ongoing for MONTHS, instead of twiddling your thumbs and coming up with the silliest updates you can possibly conceive of?


i decided not to cancel my subscription YET because my account hasn't changed in a while and now i'm hit with this. whose idea is it to keep making a MOBILE APP harder to use instead of easier??? 


i need to know how much these developers are being paid just to plague paying customers with the worst design choices of all time, maybe i should make a career change myself if you can get money for doing absolutely nothing good or necessary.


The TikTok style interface looks bad, is an assault on the ears while scrawling, makes music harder to discover, and relegates old standbys like made for you to the search bar.


There is no way in which it improves the Spotify experience. Just because it works for a social network does not mean you should shoehorn it into a music app. These are two different things. It is brutal and I'm as close as I've ever been to searching out a new service.  


Get rid of it. 

i’ve noticed, especially recently, that spotify makes many needless mostly aesthetic changes with little to no reason. everytime they make one of these changes i almost INSTANTLY see an uproar on social media. so why do they do this??

I haven’t had Spotify for that long but I know for those who do this update has to be so frustrating. You can’t swipe to queue songs from your likes playlist now that it’s a playlist?? And the mood and genre was sooo **bleep**ing helpful why would you take it? The new design feels choppy and unnatural and like I guess I can get used to it but why would y’all take the the genres away in our liked???!!?!!

I'm a user who enjoys a wide variety of music and have valued spotify for its ability to help me discover more music.

The new layout and menu of the homescreen now feels more restricted than it once did. 

The recommendation lists are more pre defined into recent listening genres (populated with a limited number of items), and this new layout doesn't make it easy to go exploring into other genres which I may not have listened to for a while.

From what I remember there was a "Discover" browse area (not the discover weekly playlist) that used to make this kind of search much more accessible and enjoyable.

I would like that back (or something similar).

My Question or Issue

My teens seem to be addicted to YouTube and TikTok style content on Spotify.  I can manage it outside spotify but can’t see how to remove access to it in spotify without using kids accounts.  I want them to experience and find new music using full accounts as part of my family plan but not the absolute junk which seems to be in video content which they’ve now found on Spotify.  Any constructive help would be appreciated.

Having removed the What's New button is so uncool


The stuck scroll down with all those interruptive play previews is really poor user experience


Really ruins my premium experience 


Thank you 

The new UI is terrible. The autoplay makes it harder to enjoy. I don’t want random little clips of songs, I just want an easy to scroll library. 

I scroll down my home page today, and as I got halfway down I notice that something is back. Full screen tiles that are auto playing. No noise which is one lesson they did learn. But what in the actual .... Spotify, this nonsense must stop. You just took away half the home page and forced full page tiles I will never ever use on me again!!! How clear do we need to be? WE DO NOT WANT SPOTIFY TO BE TICTOK!!! Just freaking stop already. 







Samsung Galaxy 9 Flip 3

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I don't want my home feed to be a neverending stream of snapping podcats recommendations that take up the whole screen.  I want SPOTIFY.  The program I pay a monthly bill for.  Is this ridiculous problem ever going to be fixed or should I just cancel my subscription.  This is ridiculous.  People who like Tik Tok already have Tik-Tok.  You don't need to take Spotify away from people who like Spotify in order to give people who like Tik-Tok a second Tik-Tok.  It's one thing when Instagram or YouTube tries to turn itself into Tik Tok, but I actually pay a monthly bill for Spotify, and I'm going to stop if I don't get my Home Feed back.


I liked my Home Feed when it was full of great music recommendations in a nice user friendly way that doesn't make every song so gigantic that you can only see one song or playlist on screen at a time.  I liked when you could smoothly scroll up and down without it constantly clicking and snapping up and down.  I liked when it was full of music based on my listening habits and not full of random Navy Seal or Christian podcasts I couldn't be paid to have an interest in.


I want Spotify back or I'm genuinely going to cancel my subscription.  This isn't an idle threat.  I keep holding out and holding out with hope that you'll turn Spotify back into Spotify one day, but I'm getting sick of this.  This isn't worth my money.  I keep holding out because of how much I truly love Spotify but this new home feed is too much.  It's too different from what I expected to be paying for.  This isn't Spotify and I don't want it.

Why does Spotify keep trying to push these Tik Tok like videos on us through the app? Who is asking for this? It is terrible. I signed up for Spotify because I wanted a music streaming app, not another social media platform. But seriously, what focus group is telling them that ruining the UI is a good idea?


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