New Mobile\Local Files\Can't Download

New Mobile\Local Files\Can't Download


Hey there,

I have problem to download my computer local files to my mobile.
It doesn't beacuse the Windows Defender, and I'm using the same network in both of them, the computer and the mobile.
I've got a new mobile. At my older one, the Windows Defender was avoiding me form downloading and I fixed it.  Now with my new mobile (Samsung 10) for some reason the playlists I want, can't be downloaded.


How do I fix that?

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Hi @Ofir2 and welcome to the Community! 🙂
There's a few support articles that Spotify has posted to address common concerns with local files. I hope they can be of help with your particular one and have a wonderful day! 🙂


Why do my Local files appear on another device, but won't download?

Local Files FAQ


Hi Bethany_03 
Thank you for responding 🙂
I saw this post you send me to before I've posted mine, unfortunately none of the options solve the problem..

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