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PLEASE tell me there is a way I can change my settings to NOT have to see Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen when I open Spotify.


Good thing I didn't have much breakfast this morning, but what I had came back up when I saw that...COME ON SPOTIFY...Barack?  Really?  You are aware 1/2 of the country despises the man, right?

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I don't believe there's a way to hide that. Maybe just ignore it and move on? 

Maybe Spotify gets a clue that a lot of people don't care to be greeted with that man when opening their app? How is that for moving on?



I agree with RiveDroite. Spotify won’t always be showing the same celebrities and figures when you open the app. Just like on social media, you sometimes see content that you’d prefer not to but it’s never permanent.


Hy apa kabar

Nothing is sacred for the Left in terms of taking over space in our private lives. The appalling thing is that corporations like Spotify are complicit in it.

Obama and his higher ground productions have been on my homepage for months now.
Why can I not have Joe Rogan instead. Spotify spent Millions on the contract with Rogan. And he is one who we should get more of in case we ever get a choice - as a voice offering a pocast for all persuasions.

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