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[Other] Remove Dream SMP Genre

[Other] Remove Dream SMP Genre

Most of the songs in the Sounds of Dream SMP genre playlist are unrelated to Dream SMP and it feels like a needless genre that is throwing off people's Spotify Wrapped.


If not remove it at least limit it to just songs specifically related to the smp or made by the creators of the smp. I don't want this junk in my top genres when I've only listened to one song classified as it and it's not a song related to dsmp at all.

18 Replies

I agree with this. I haven't listened to anything even slightly Dream smp related, and yet it showed up as my fifth most listened to genre on my Spotify wrapped. After looking into it and hearing from others, I have found at least a dozen others with the same experience. This is annoying, not only for throwing off people's Spotify wrapped, but also because it's labeling songs and musicians that have absolutely nothing to do with smp's as some sort of Dream smp music, which doesn't feel fair whatsoever, not to the artist, nor the listener.


On top of that, it feels like an oddly and unnecessarily specific genre to have. It's like having a separate genre for Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats - simply one genre for musicals is enough. 

it feels unnecessary and takes away from creators who aren’t at all related to the dream smp like Lemon Demon. I think Chloe Moriondo and Egg also count as dream smp? It’s difficult to tell and it’s just strange that this is pasty of Spotify. I understand that the dream smp is big nowadays, but a music genre for it is not what should be done.

I completely agree, Dream SMP was my top genre, which could easily be explained in my case due to the fact I watched those streams/youtubers early 2021 religiously, but the fact my friend who has made it very clear she dislikes that whole fandom got it as her #1 genre. Artists such as Egg, Lemon Demon and other music like the Minecraft Soundtrack and Undertale soundtrack are being put into that genre along with pop songs like ‘The World Caves In’. I don’t really see why this genre initially exists in the first place, but if it really has to it should contain songs specifically related to the dream smp. Referring to the fanmade songs by Derivakat and Beetlebug along with many others. I do personally believe even WilburSoot and Lovejoy should be seperated from this genre. Wilbursoot due to the fact none of his music is related to the Dream SMP and is a side project. Lovejoy, because it’s not Wilbur’s band in the first place, it’s a group and only one of the members is directly related to the dream smp, it’s not fair on them honestly.

Please work on fixing this because it’s ruined alot of people’s spotify wrapped. :))

Aside from the annoyance that this has of ruining many people's Spotify Wrapped, it also makes it clear that Spotify has a tenuous grasp at best on what actually makes a genre.

100% agree. For some reason, this was one of my top genres despite having no clue who or what DreamSMP is. I had to look into it since I was confused but it's just made me more so. I think it's because I listen to a bit of Lemon Demon this year? I checked out the playlist and none of the songs has anything to do with each other either. It goes from videogame chiptune soundtracks to piano covers. I know genres can be a bit hard to define but I struggle to see what the correlation is.

I'm starting to wonder if it's been affecting my recommendations. They have been basically unusable due to the fact they are the same 5-10 random songs that aren't at all anything like the music I actually enjoy and feature no actual recommendations within the 'real' genres I choose to listen to. 


It feels like a hidden advertisement, somebody probably paid for to shove their awful game roleplay into everyone's faces through spotify.


So many unrelated bands have been wrongly included that the spotify wrapped portion basically means nothing: how are bands like Mother Mother, Lemon Demon, and Arctic Monkey's being shoved into this new dogwater designation and dragged down to the level of 'dream smp music.'

I agree, DSMP came out being my 5th genre which made me MAD since i hate dsmp, i hate the fandom, and i hate it even more now because of this genre. This makes no sense at all, I don't listen to any dsmp songs at all or any songs that are related to it, I can't believe amazing bands like Mother Mother and Lemon demon are getting shoved in this crappy genre, And how are these amazings artist getting dragged down to the level of Dsmp?????? makes me so mad.

i 100% agree. i (embarrassingly) am a dsmp fan but this is insane. they're just grouping together songs that fans of lovejoy like. i don't even think wilbur soot and lovejoy should be classified as dsmp music as the music has nothing to do with the dsmp. imo it has to be a publicity stunt, either so spotify would get more attention or that the hate towards dsmp would increase, as well as mcyttwt talking**bleep** about everyone as usual. i have no idea why they thought this was a good idea. despite me being a fan, i was also very disappointed that my top genre was dsmp. i only listen to 2 songs about the dsmp, so its aggravating that its so high.

I know that i'm just adding to the sea, but hopefully with engagement somebody higher up will see it. I completely agree. 


I have nothing against the DreamSMP community, but it seems stupid and somwhat unfair that that specific fandom culture gets it's own label, when other fandom related music is dubbed as Otacore. For people who aren't fans of DreamSMP, it can be frustrating to see it in your top genres. 


A lot of the bands and musicians I listen to are classed as DreamSMP and it's beyond frustrating. 

i agree. no clue why it even is a genre. the vast majority of the artists and songs have 0 relevance to dreamsmp. even if they did, there's no reason for an artist to have their music genre be another thing they participated in which has no relevance to said art. 

best answer would be to put the artists and their songs back into the genres they really fit into, instead of mashing them into a pointless genre which does not represent their music in anyway. 

The genre in and of itself is idiotic as all helI anyway, even if it wasn't about a problematic fanbase, you can't make a genre based around and named after a group of people who play video games on YouTube. A genre isn't a topic. The creation of the "Dream SMP" genre shows such a lack of musical professionalism from Spotify. For those who are unaware, "Dream SMP" and those involved (Dream, Technoblade, WilburSoot, TommyInnit, CORPSE, etc.) are all Minecraft YouTubers with a fanbase of 12 year olds who crusade in favor of their every action. These Youtubers encourage parasocial relationships with their fanbases and have fed into "shipping" of themselves. To go along with this "shipping," the fanbase "claimed" the song Heat Waves by Glass Animals. The issue became so large that the band had to make a public statement asking for the "Dream SMP" fanbase to leave them, their band, and their music alone since that song and album were personal and NOT about a 12 year old's imaginary romance between two Minecraft Youtubers. To include all of these completely unrelated artists (especially both after that incident and the fact that these "Dream SMP" members already make their own music) is extremely disrespectful.

i don’t even know how i got it when i don’t listen to anything related to the dream smp music or anything

as someone who does watch the dream smp i was weirded out by having it in my top genres. i’m pretty sure its because i listen to lovejoy and wilbur’s individual stuff, but the thing is that none of that is related to the dream smp in any way. the only thing that relates that to the dream smp is the fact that wilbur is also on the smp. if the genre is kept than stuff like songs of the smp can definitely be kept in the genre, because those relate directly to the smp. i also know there’s a fanmade musical being produced, and like that could go into the dream smp genre. i just think stuff like lovejoy and other unrelated projects shouldnt be in the genre. 

I watch Dream SMP content, but I was VERY SURPRISED when I found out that Dream SMP was a genre. Like, wHAT?!

Lovejoy, Wilbur Soot, James Marriott, etc etc. All are labeled as DreamSMP music creators as a genre and it bother me among others. Considering that A, they are not making music about or centered in the DreamSMP universe and storyline. B, this title makes some listeners purposely avoid the artists, even though they are creating quality music. The title prevents the bands from fully blowing up in a way. It may not seem too important, but it truly bothers me and a few other users and it does not seem to be too difficult of a fix. Thank you.

This is still a "genre" on spotify and id hate to see it in my wrapped again i and tones of others would like this to be changed but spofity just isnt doing anything about it

I swear I only listen to 88rising label artist (rich brian, joji, niki, jackson wang, etc) and somehow this dreamsmp genre keeps going up on my rank to top 5 wth.

i absolutely despise the fact that Dream SMP is a genre, and that it is one of my top 5 genres on Spotify. I barely watch anything Dream SMP related and have no clue why it is on there as I don't listen to any artists in particular that I would imagine have much to do with the Dream SMP. This genre is like that one stain on a shirt that refuses to go away, and I hope that, even though they most likely won't, this genre gets removed from the platform. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


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