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Hi! I just wanted to know if the code of the playlist I made will change once I add or remove a song from it? That "sound wave"-like icon?  had one of my playlist printed as a key chain and scared that I won't be able to use the code to scan anymore once I add a song.

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Your Spotify Code should remain the same even after altering the contents of the playlist. I just tested it on my own playlist and the code remains the same. The code is based off the playlist link; the songs on the playlist do not change the link. 


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As said above the Spotify code doesn't change if you edit a playlist - the link is for the playlist name rather than a link to the songs, so if you edit the link is the same regardless.


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Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community. 


That's correct. The playlist code should work as long as the playlist URI doesn't change (i.e.: if you delete the playlist and create a new one). 


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to let us know. 



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Hey, Ana


How did you have that done? Is it through an online company, or just a local one. Would you post a picture of it? I'm curious to see how looks, how big it is, and what it's on.


I guess you don't have to get Spotify's approval, if it's just for yourself, but I'm thinking about having some made of mine, to sell.

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So addition/deduction of songs in a playlist doesn’t affect the code. What about changing the name of the playlist? will that affect the code? i made a plaque with the code on and i just thought of a better name for it 😭. Thanks in advance ❤️

Hello 💚
I'll be referring back to the @Novy's previous answer.
The link shouldn't change as long as it's the same playlist, even if you change name/edit it.
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