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[Podcast Creation] Confirmation email is incorrect, no response from support.

[Podcast Creation] Confirmation email is incorrect, no response from support.

Afternoon, folks!


As the title suggests, I'm facing a spot of bother when it comes to distributing my podcast to Spotify!


The Podcast itself is hosted via Anchor, who in theory should manage the distribution and has done for 5 seperate platforms as of now. However, Spotify seems to be taking much longer to get verified, so I've decided to do it manually instead.


Upon going through the process of registering the podcast using the RSS feed, I find that the verification email that Spotify is sending the 8-digit code to is something entirely different from my own. I've reviewed the XML from the RSS feed to confirm that it is infact my email address.


The email they seem to have is "*snip*", obviously edited slightly to avoid sharing private info, however I know for certain this isn't an email I own.


I've gone through the steps of contacting Spotify using the email they provide to notify them of an incorrect email, I've contacted Anchor also in case it's an issue on their end (I believe Spotify now own Anchor anyway).


Hopefully this can be resolved as soon as possible so I can continue to publish episodes. Unfortunate this issue would effect Spotify as it's the one service I use! 😄

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Yah i can't confirm my email address either


I must admit it's a little disheartening here, folks..

- Posted on the Spotify Forums

- Emailed the contact Spotify tells you to contact if the email is incorrect.

- Reached out to Spotify on Twitter

- Reached out to Anchor on Twitter

- Emailed Anchor directly

- Recieved no email to say it's been rejected

- Recieved no email to say it's detected music I have to prove ownership of.


What else am I expected to do here? I'm not the only one experiencing this issue so surely there must be SOME solution.

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