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double entries in the library

double entries in the library

Hi, there are double entries in my library and if I delete one both will be deleted. Some more users with this behavoir? 

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Does the same behavious happen after you add it back to the library again? My duplicates occur due to 2 song with the same name but different albums/releases/artists. 1 delete never affected the other.

If I add the song again that there is just one entry. I understand that the behavoir is normal if this song is on different albums. But that is not hte case here.

I had this problem before, but it was specific to local files uploaded to my library.

The file directories I supplied had some overlap, and thus resulted in songs being duplicated.


In your case I would suggest deleting the two songs, and adding it once again.

Note: Might screw up your playlist order when filtered by date (in case that matters!) 

Maybe you could double check the download directory and see if 1 has been downloaded to a different directory causing the duplicates


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