Podcast not available - only for my Profile

Podcast not available - only for my Profile


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Android, Windows 10


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When I'm searching for the Podacst "Quality time mit Riccardo & Anke", without being logged in (e.g. in the WebBrowser - Win10), spotify finds it and I can listen to it (with commercials).
When I'm logged in, I can't search for the Podacst. When I directly add the adress, spotify tells me "Seite wurde nicht gefunden" (page not found). It seems like the podcast is on a kind of personal "blacklist".

It's the same on Android, in the Desktop-App or in the Webbrowser - so it must be something wrong with my account. All of my family members get this podcast.

Maybe there is more content, I can't get, without knowing this?

Greez, Armin

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I have the same issue but with a different podcast. Here is my thread. No solution yet. 

Different songs/podcasts on different devices - The Spotify Community


Hey @Huebi66 ,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Could you share a direct link to the podcast? Once we have it we can relay the info to the respective team for further review.


@qnaf Let's keep the investigation for your case in the thread you've linked. We've requested additional info there.


Keep us posted,



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I've got the same problem, even search can't find it

Not on iphone, windows app nor windows browser

Hello @Dian and thanks for the reply.

The link to this podcast is:


In the meantime I have used a free account from my family subscription to create another profile to listen to the podcast. Everything works fine here.

Thanks for the support.
Greez, Armin

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