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Podcasts 'Your Mom's House' and '2 Bears 1 Cave' missing

Podcasts 'Your Mom's House' and '2 Bears 1 Cave' missing

What happened???

Your mom's house podcast is down from Spotify? Also Dr.Drew and 2 bears 1 cave?Mommies didn't follow proto, and you cut them out? That's not nice Spotify, thinking about canceling, there are so many options on the market, that podcast was one of the main reason I'm paying here!

Keep it  high and tight!

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Yeah not sure if it's worth continuing to subscribe if I cant continue to hear all my podcasts. Especially my mummies and Burnt Chrysler.

I was wondering the same thing !!!!!


Any official answer from Spotify? What's happening?

Yeah this **bleep** if it's censorship. I don't need Spotify deciding for me what is/isn't appropriate to listen to.


And YMH talks about some **bleep**, but I can't imagine anything on 2B1C being offensive. Ditto Dr Drews podcast, so I'm guessing this is something contractual and might actually be Segura's doing- like he took his own shows off.

Where did it go?? When will it come back?

YMH Studios is mostly why I have spotify premium. Please come back 2B1C, YMH, WMMA and DDAD, we already miss you. The other podcasts are boring AF   ;_;

As always, keep feathering it, follow proto and never prolapse your **bleep** (__0__)


Im Fr getting rid of this subscription and getting YouTube premium If they don’t add YMH back. YouTube respects my featherin 

I tried to file a complaint about this and just got a repetitive bot response. What the **bleep** is going on!



Hey everyone,


Thanks for reporting this to us! 


We've passed the info along and the right folks are looking into it.


It seems that some of these podcasts have been integrated into the podcast 'Missing in Alaska'. Have a look and see if you can find the missing episodes there.


We'll keep you posted here and let you know as soon as we get any updates!

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Very upset about 2 bears 1 cave

sudden disappearance from my favorites. 

I’m addicted to this podcast

and spotify is my main source for media

podcasts and music alike. 


I was about to cancel my premium subscription 

thinking spotify has censored this podcast

now I am waiting to see what will follow

but if that won’t get resolved soon

I may very well go back to a free account

or find this podcast on other platforms. 


as of now ep. 40 is available on YT BUT NOT on spotify

Hey folks!

Thanks for your patience, we have some more info to share.

Right now we're afraid that these podcasts are not available on Spotify. You can learn more about availability of content here.

Hope this info helps. We'll be here if there's anything else we can do for you.

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Yeah that's not it at all..... there appears to be an issue where they appear to be linked but theres still no two bears one cave and also the Alaska podcast is completely unrelated...

Yeah sorry it cant be found in that podcast  and nor should it be because they are highly unrelated.

How in the world is it taking you guys (Spotify Support) so long to remedy this issue? It's not complicated.  Worst case, your database admin manually fixes the entries and that's 2 days at most.


EDIT: Just saw your update.  Unacceptable.  Morals have no business in the decision of what to offer your subscribers.  If they offend you, look inward to find the real problem.

It's not a technical issue unfortunately, Segura took his programs off Spotify in a dispute over money(without publicly acknowledging that).

I'm guessing he saw Rogan get $100mil and wanted to re-do his deal.

Ahhhh it all makes sense now, as to why he wasn't telling people why his
podcast was removed. I didn't even know they got paid by Spotify, thought
it was the other way around.

All artists and podcasts get paid by spotify based on how many listens they get. Some it's more, for most it's penny's.

2 bears 1 cave is no longer anywhere on Spotify. Why? Will it be back?

I do not think you are correct. We are talking about "Your Mom's House Podcast" with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. Could you do a deeper dive into getting them back on? It has 4 other Podcasts under its premier one YMH such as Where My Mom's At?, 2 Bears 1 Cave and Dr. Drew After Dark. I've been paying for years and this doesn't make me want to stay, I have started Youtube Premium and it is quite an upgrade. I get I may be only 1 but I know there are plenty of loyal fans that quite possibly feel the same.

No this is not acceptable or true. Figure this problem out or I will stop paying you.

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