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I don't know why but i have a lot of "german music" playing in my daily mix and weekly mix, and i really don't like these music. Even if i press dislikes, i always have 1 song out of 4 that is german. How can we erase our settings to start back from the beginning ?


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Streaming services don't work like that. It's not about your settings, it's what is in your algorithms. It seems really odd that that is happening to you. By the way, are you using a VPN? If so, that may explain it. Because once you have your default language to English, you should only get English.


Second, understand that algorithms are important. If you save a bunch of random playlists that contain music you don't like; or you start following playlists that have 5,000  worth of brainless music, that's going to count against your algorithms. so be mindful of what you're listening to, liking, and saving.