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Reporting explicit content and missing features

Reporting explicit content and missing features

So I tried to report a song that hasn't been marked as explicit as explicit, only to find out that the button/feature doesn't even exist in the web nor the desktop app of spotify. Instead I have to rely on the mobile app which is, conveniently, giving me an error: "Could not report, please try again".

Also, since I am talking about missing features, the "Don't play this" button also doesn't exist in the web, nor the desktop application, only available on the mobile app.

Putting the error message aside, I am mainly wondering why basic features, like the ones listed above, are missing from mainstream platforms(PC/Web)?

Just updated the mobile app, the button is now completely gone...
Found out the updated app has a feature to block songs you don't want to hear, the web and desktop app don't have that either. 

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