Rereleasing Album without Losing Streams

Rereleasing Album without Losing Streams

I have a situation I've read on, however, no one has mentioned this particular scenario so I wanted to see if anyone has encountered it.


I have an album I released in 2018 that is comprised of 8 songs. I am looking to release the album on a new distributor. I understand in order to properly link a single, the new single must have the exact same metadata. The unique aspect of this situation is, an album is comprised of multiple ISRC's and one UPC & catalog number.


Here's my thought.

There are 3 songs on this album I don't care for anymore. If while switching distributors I were to release the new version with 5 songs instead of the original 8, does anyone believe it would still link the remaining 5? If those ISRC's matched & I used the same UPC & catalog number for the album, do you suppose I could avoid the 3 undesired tracks, or would it require all 8 to recognize it as the same album?


Also, if I provide the original release date as October 23, 2018, will the new upload appear as a 2020 release & overshadow my newer content, or will it tuck back into the 2018 slot of the original?


Thanks so much for your time, let me know what you think.

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Hey there @blakeharman


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

We suggest you get in touch with our team at Spotify for Artists. These folks specialize in queries submitted to Spotify by artists and content creators. They’ll be able to help you more specifically with the issue you’re addressing. 


You can reach out to them here.  


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions. 

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