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Rocket Science - New Release

Rocket Science - New Release


Why does Rocket Science not show up in New Relases????


I have listed to this Grammy winning singer, song writer, and amazing guitar player for 25+ years and he is still underated.  I really don't understand why the music community has not embrassed his music more?


Each time an new album of this artist is released I am amazed at the quality of lyric, music arrangement, guitar playing and vocal range of his songs.


This artist can sing and perform anything and his covers of chart busting songs like Bakers Street, Imagine, Eleanor Rigby and Roar  as good, if not betterr then the original aritists, yet we hear very little of this artists new music on the radio rotations?!


This artist as worked with Keith Urban, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl , Jay DeMarcus and more people, yet he sitll remails underrated?!


I have seen this artits 3 times in the past year and he puts on a powerful crowd energize show that just should not be missed!!!


I can't help thinking that music lovers, in particular station musical directors,  live in the past and can't forget the marketing decisions  this artiists managment team made in the 70/80s or his personal decision to be on TV in order to eat?!   His loyal fans know his true value, despite his good looks,  ahhh.. but perhaps this is the underlying reason for his lack of air play?  


I purposely haven't named the artist so that spotify listners might become curiious enough to go and listen to the music and get hooked on the album before casting judgement and pass up this album, just because of a familiar name / "blast from the past".


For those readers who have already guessed who I am writing about, did you cast your judgement without out listening?  Tisk tisk if you did because Rocket Science is an energtic, postive up beat album filled with many musical hooks and lyrical ear worms that will stay with you throughout your busy day!   


I promise that  rock, pop and country music lovers will find something in each song to keep you moving and grooving all day long and this album is a 2016 must listen!


Now go and listen to this new album and form your own opinions.  If I have steered you wrong about Rick Springfields newest Album Rocket Science then go aheard and let me know, but if I was right lets get this album all the way to # 1 on the charts.  My personal instant  favorites on this album are Miss Meyhem, Let Me In, Down, so if you don't have time for the album, start with these to babies!!!


1 Reply

Okay who has listened to Rcik Springield's new Rock Science Album?  What is your favourite song?  

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