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I’ve been loving Spotify since subscribing about two years ago, and use the Premium version since it’s included as a free perk from my cell phone provider.


Recently [read: finally!] I completed cross-referencing my iTunes library of over 3000 songs and sourcing them here; finding better quality versions; stumbled upon 100’s of old songs I didn’t already have; was sucked into the rabbit hole repeatedly and discovered many more new songs/artists; and last but not least, created myriad different playlists to encompass eras and numerous genres from the Master Song Folder (MSF.) It’s been a painstaking process, but a labour of love.


I spent most of the past week refining my MSF by removing duplicate songs, and then going through each of my playlists (ie. 60’s/70’s/80’s… Beatles… Soul… Funk… etc.) to choose my fave versions and delete the others. This morning I logged on to continue the process and discovered that many of the playlists I’d refined had tons of songs which were now no longer saved/checked. For example, every one of the 172 songs in my Beatles playlist is now indicating a “+” sign instead of a checkmark. And that’s just one artist. There are many. **bleep**?!


It’s going to take me countless hours, maybe even days, to repeat the vetting process again. I guess it could be worse: the songs could have been removed from my MSF completely and I would’ve been none the wiser until I started to remember some fave songs and realized they were MIA.


I've never experienced this before. Does anyone have an explanation?   


P.S. Also, just out of curiosity for future reference, if all songs in a folder/playlist are unchecked (as with my mysteriously altered Beatles playlist),is there a way to save time by checking them all in one fell swoop instead of having to do them one at a time?

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I wanted to clarify something...

As mentioned in my first post, I discovered many songs in my various playlists were mysteriously unchecked when I logged on today, but at least they were listed. The scary part is that all those same songs were missing entirely from my master Song Folder! Had I not had them listed in my playlists they would have been gone forever, or I guess until I clued in that they were missing and sourced/added them again.


This has been occurring to me. Whole albums and artists just disappear from my library. I know for sure this happening because all the music of some of my favourite artists simply vanished into thin air. After a quick search it becomes apparent they somehow become unchecked and have to be rechecked again, but how many songs am I losing that I am unaware of? This is totally unacceptable.

Honestly cannot believe we haven't received an answer for this. I just noticed this has happened, and I am positive that I have lost ~100 songs due to this bug. Really frustrating given that we are all paying monthly for a service that has this many leaks. Get with it Spotify!

I'm having this same problem! I thought maybe I was imagining it,  but there's hundreds of songs missing 

I constantly find this happening to me and I only discover it when a recomended mix made by Spotify suggets a song I had saved months/ years ago... What is happening??? I don't need songs recomended to me that I've been listening to for years that are mysteriously disappearing... 

Same thing keeps happening to me. Songs have been dissapearing/getting unsaved from library, and I have to keep adding them again and again. 

Unacceptable Spotify! Fix it

has been happening for years

This is also happening to me.. has been for at least a year. Most likely happening to a lot of people but likely only the power users who notice. 


Please look into this Spotify team....



A premium subscriber, and proud owner of 10 $SPOT shares  (great work in Q2 2018, by the way)

Hello There!

By the looks of it there is one of 2 issues here.

The first that there may be a bug or issue that our Lords at the Spotify team will fix in the next patch.

Alternatively you may have not chosen to follow the song. This is a trick I picked up last time this kind of issue came up.  Try see if that works at all. 🙂

I'm not sure what you mean by following a song?

isn't it just pressing the plus sign so that it beomes saved into your whole song collection and the plus sign changes into a checkmark? or what else do I need to do? 🙂

I know that you can follow an artist, but that doesn't save his/her songs


It's been a issue for years, and I don't feel like the spotify team is taking it seriously or even acknowleding it, maybe because it happens to so few people

Honestly, this bug is what is going to push me to Amazon Music. I'm really getting sick of it.

if this continues it honestly might bring me elsewhere! its such a scary prospect, all of your music research being wasted or at least undermined, while being none the wiser to the whole thing

and thats the worst part, you have no idea what songs are gone until you try to search for them, i searched my favorite band today in my saved songs, and my favorite song of theirs was missing from the search results, if i hadn't been listening to them so much and so recently i might never have heard it again!??! and this is far from an isolated incidence

an easy solution would just be a record of songs you've deleted, just like the feature already extant for the deleted playlists!



I say that despite not listening to any bands since high school. Proof that this isn't limited to just any genre.


Spotify **bleep** together

Well, at least your profanity filters are on point.


I was just trying to say that Spotify needs to get their 'act' together. Let your imagination fill in the blanks..

haha thank you for the second follow up there, was curious about that filtering

and to plug the band since i met one of the members randomly on sunday and he was hearteningly nice, twas "post animal" (on the off chance it'll bring bands back into your life, you should check that bl**p out)

BUTTTT anyway wake the **bleep** up spotify**bleep**'s scaring me

more thorough than anticipated...


Right? They're like grammar nazi's (not sure if their AI will get that one.. but if it did - I spelled a 4 letter German political party).


Regardless, I'll add it to my list. Not sure if I'll get to it though because I still haven't gestated Eminem's MGK diss yet. The guy is a modern day, R-rated, Shakespeare.




hahaha right, the day a reference to a political party is censored is the day I start my doomsday prepping

and no worries man

slim's a priority for sure



Same things happens to me. Every so often I discover songs that I definitely have saved in the past being spontaneously unsaved. Even full albums. It's utterly unnerving. Get it fixed Spotify developers team! Please!

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