STOP IT! It's IRRITATING as **bleep** when I'm consistently paying for this membership, and I continually find songs disappearing off my playlists, while they are still available on Spotify. Spotify keeps pushing certain artists. I see this with the artists Spotify chooses to be represented if you choose to link it with Tinder. You can only choose from specific artists Spotify chooses for you that you listen to to be represented on your Tinder profile. And these are the artists that keep popping up while on Shuffle. Even though I have thousands of songs saved from hundreds of artists, certain artists keep popping up over and over and over again, and many times I hear the same artist a couple of times in a row when I set it to Shuffle on all my saved "Songs". This never used to be an issue. But now that we're hooked into the service, with no other competing services, Spotify does only what it wants and doesn't give a sh*t about what paying members want, knowing we as consumers don't have a substantiated choice in this monopoly. I know for a fact I saved these particular songs on specific playlists, and over time they're just gone off the playlists. After all the time and effort I put into organizing my playlists, and the money I'm spending for the service, THESE THINGS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. I've also sent emails to them for errors in song titles and corrupted tracks posted, yet nothing was ever done to correct these errors, since they aren't pop songs that they really care about, despite them claiming in their automated replies to me that they truly care about these issues and will immediately address them. Big middle finger to yet another big corporation that ultimately doesn't give a sh*t about its consumers, only for the fact that the consumers are left with little option but to keep pumping the corporation/ monopoly with pockets full of money.
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I agree. For some reason, certain bands and albums keep disappearing without rhyme or reason. Take the Bottle Rockets for example. They reissued their first two albums (The Bottle Rockets and The Brooklyn Side) on a double CD in 2013 and they've been on Spotify since then, but in the last couple of weeks, one half of that release (specifically The Brooklyn Side) has disappeared from Spotify althogether. What gives?


Hey folks!

Thanks for reaching out to us on the Spotify Community.

@xtine_nav Regarding top tracks on Tinder, this issue's currently being looked into here. The right folks are on the case, and we hope to have some more news soon.

In terms of your Shuffle repeating, we appreciate the feedback on this. We've passed it directly onto the team here.

If you've reported an error with some of Spotify's content to us, rest assured this will be looked into. We're sorry if there's been some delay, and we're grateful for you highligting these to us.

Your songs shouldn't be dissappearing from your own playlists however. Sometimes tracks are removed for licensing/rights reasons and we have more on this here. If this isn't the case though, we'll need to look into what's happening in more detail.

- Which device, operating system, and version of Spotify are you using?

- Do you have 'Show unavailable songs in playlists' toggled on, or off in Settings?
- Also, can you let us know when this last happened, and could you send us a link to a track that got removed from one of your playlists?

@sound_fury_pod, it sounds like this might be due to the reasons here. Do you notice songs going missing from the app, or your playlists?

Many thanks and keep us in the loop 🙂



This happens to many songs for me too, today is the 3rd i’ve added 44more from logic on my playlist and this song was released not so long ago and is part of his new album that were released mar 9,2018, its really annoying that the songs i listen to the most gets removed from my playlist even though its still available on spotify.


This is still happening, happening several times a week last two months at least. 


I thought I was going crazy but I knew Spotify was taking songs off my playlists cuz I would stop hearing them and then I checked and they were gone so I had to re-add them.  I just did that with the song “No Frauds” which I know was on the playlist before but all of the sudden magically disappeared.  Spotify you need to fix your sh*t bro or else I’m going to Apple Music.  The only reason I haven’t already switched is because I don’t want to remake my playlists again but if those are broken too I might as well switch.


it happends to me to.. im thinking about switching from spotify to tidal or just illegaly download thsm because of this isuue. also the shuffle in spotify is just so bad espacialy in explicit songs.. i have the same artist showing up 3 times in a row and they are allways the same songs.

yes they are allowed to push a agenda but we are the ones who made them, they should just stop doing that because people have diffrent opinions and diffrent styles.

tidal in my opinion offers more in opinion because its run by an artist and not a company. fix this spotify


Lol, are you publicly saying that you will make illegal things XD?, and yes WHy? spotify is deleting songs from a playlists? even if the songs are still available? WHY!!!!!!? are you going to fix this some day? even if the song becomes not available you should keep the song or replace with another one with the same name 


Has anyone found a way to resolve this? I will switch to Apple Music if it keeps happening. Also, Spotify support is really unhelpful..


Music vanished from my playlists. And it’s not because the artist has removed it, because I can add it again when I see it!? It’s driving me mad, and not knowing what other songs are gone is pissing me off. How can this be resolved? It’s been going on for about a year 


It happens to me too. I dont mind if they have any kind of problem so they have to remove it and add it back. BUT it is the SAME song so put it BACK to the library... 

Why would I have to put it back every week. And I am not able to check all my songs if there are any missing...


I feel all songs posted on Spotify should have already had the rights to post them before you made them public. My playlists are getting destroyed by this service after I spent hours and hours putting them together. I am totally frustrated to the point of leaving Spotify because paying for a faulty service is not worth the gains. I am so disappointed. Stop stealing the music without the rights. You are being paid by the members to secure the songs. I have had half of some of my lists dropped like Bryan Ferry for example. This is turning into a **bleep** deal while you are scraping $120 a year off each member.


Im just glad its not all in my head. Thank god i finally googled this missing playlist songs thing to see if it was happening to others. Im surprised that the spotify response on the forum seemed to indicate that they weren't aware of the problem...


spotify is terrible  take off songs from my play list as they please im paying for the service two times with myself and my grand son too bad there wasnt another thing like spotify or i would quit it some items are linda scott classic ive told every little star four seasons songs  there are many more too many to list get with it spotify your making money  on us so bend over to please us 


its simple spotify sucks too bad there is not another company we can go with exept  we would lose the play list we have left after sotify f---s them up


it is true spotify sucks


spotify you suck big time

@R4OCKMEYES wrote:

it is true spotify sucks



@spotify i have the same problem >:((

I agree it sucks

you are so right they suck collect money but do not give there members service they pay for

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