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When I search and find the song I'm looking for, I play it and it's Def Leopard every time. The title is correct but the song is not. What is going on?

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Corrupted or incorrect content
Inappropriate, illegal or hateful content
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Corrupted or incorrect content
If a song or album on Spotify is not playing correctly or your information (eg name, tag, cover art, release date) is incorrect, you can let us know.

Check that it is not a technical problem:
a. Make sure your app is up to date .
B. Play the track on a different device or in the web player.
ç. Listen to the track using another Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.
If it's not a technical issue or if you'd like to report explicit lyrics without warning, let us know .
Note: If you're an artist, your record label or distributor can help troubleshoot your music.

Inappropriate, illegal or hateful content
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