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Trapped in an algorithm

Trapped in an algorithm

Before I started paying for Spotify premium and I had free Spotify. It played new music for me all the time I learned about new artist. I was always expanding but the commercials were ridiculous.  now that I pay for it theyve stopped playing new music for me and only play the same 20 songs how do I get Spotify to show me new music without commercials I’m willing to pay but I don’t want to search out every new artist there needs to be a discovery mode. Basically what I’m saying is you’ve got me so stuck in an algorithm of what you think I like that this is no longer enjoyable how do I break the algorithm open. 


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Hi, there is playlists "Release Radar" that consist of artist content that you follow. And "Discover weekly" that consists of new artists you might like.
Under Search, there is sections "Made for you", "New releases", "Discover"
There should be artists you follow and new that you might like.
More you follow artists you like, more there fill be them in playlists

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