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Song Availability

I was trying to make a play list for my Softball team and the song Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons is not on Spotify it was on the album Heroes Fall and it was all featured in the movie Iron Man 3 I was wondering if anyone could help me get this song because I don't understand why Pandora has it and Spotify does not.
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The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artist and their music label.

This thread by Spotify staff explains why some music is not available:

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Well there is a workaround to this, if you have the mp3 file of the song then you can import it to Spotify on your computer and then say "save to library" and you will have it available to you on any of your devices. This works with most songs Spotify doesn't have.

You say it's up to the artist/music label, then I find it funny that, that song is not up there. Are you sure its not up to the movie label or even spotify. I mean I know spotify has the right to reserve music to. And as much as I love spotify and have a premium I wish I didn't because at least Pandora has everything I like music wise. But I actually hate pandora. Can't spotify ask them then why this song can't be put on spotify? Come on give us better answers that truly answer the question, and not a general answer that doesn't give anyone much to go on.