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Delete Account Problems



I am trying to help my mum set up her Spotify. She had a free account, but has just purchased a premium account. In order to link her Facebook to this new account, I think she needs to delete her old one. However, this account is under an email that is no longer available (she was using which no longer exists). What can I do to cancel this account as I can't verify the cancellation due to the inactive email.


I hope this makes sense and that someone can help me:) 

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Hi there @mollymoo19,

thanks for reaching out !


Just to have things clear, Spotify accounts cannot be canceled or deleted, however Spotify subscriptions are the ones users cancel if needed.


In this case, if she was using a Free subscription and have not received any unexpected charges, i wouldn't try and gain access again.


Gaining access to the email associated with the old account is the best and fast way to perform changes within the account.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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