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Song changing versions

Song changing versions

I was in my car listening to my spotify playlist when something strange happened. I was jamming along to the lyrics, but they were changed to clean version that I didn't remember having on my playlist. Later I went home to get rid of the clean version and found that the only version on my playlist was the unedited version. I don't really know how this bug happened. The song was Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston, which really isn't even explicit. It changed the line suicidal to in denial and the line about crime into something weird.

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I was listening to my favorite song Dissolve by Absofacto and suddenly the music changed the beet was hard and there was back up vocals and a small drum solo.I don't understand why they changed it.The original version was much better then this bull**bleep**.I tried looking for the original song but i couldn't find it.The only version there, was the crappy one.Im not happy about this and i would like for the song to go back to the same!


This just happened to me with dissolve by absofacto as well!! The cover art of the song has changed too, but also the wierd backing vocals and stuff like you said. Confused at why this happened o just want the old version back 😞

I’m am just as upset as you are. I like the older version and I want it back. Spotify get you **bleep** together and fix it.


I'm having the same problem, I want Latin Simone by Gorillaz (English version from G Sides) and it just auto changes to the spanish version, someone please help.

I feel you man, i found the original ^^^


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