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Song radio is now just a playlist?


Song radio is now just a playlist?

Hey all, first off I love Spotify. Spotify constantly surpasses my expectations For finding new music. There is one question I have, and it's in regards to the song radios. Recently I noticed that when you create a song radio, it creates about a 30 song playlist that you can't edit. I was wondering if this is permanent or if I can revert to the previous version of Spotify because that's how I found most of my music, by editing don't radio stations. 

Since I'm here, I'm also curious about the algorithms used to find similar songs in a radio, considering the same few artists continually show up with different types of songs rather similar types of songs. Who knows, maybe I'm paranoid. Regardless great app, thanks to anyone who can help.

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This is kind of working with the release that came today. 


the radio functionality still works but you cannot thumb up or dislike a song anymore.. 

at the bottom it just says "More songs load as you listen" 

OUTSTANDING! thank you jaredrutledge!!

THANK YOU! I wish there were still like and dislike buttons though..

wow thanks for that dragging tip... ftw.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


If you're curious you can find more details on how Radio works now in this post.


Further, if having the ability to influence and personalize a Radio is something you'd like to see again in the app, there are a couple of ideas that you might be interested in supporting:

We'd recommend heading over to these and adding your +VOTE and feedback. You can also find more info on how ideas get implemented in this Spotify Answer.  


On another note, thanks for sharing this handy tip here in the Community @jaredrutledge!


Hope this info is useful but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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thank you for this solution. spotify makes the dumbest user UN-friendly changes to features. 

Why is the play song radio now a playlist? if you start a song radio from a specific song and try it again the next day using the same song you get all the same songs again. This will be my reason to stop using spotify, its very disappointing. Amazon Music Stations are random and have genre choices. Also the new Spotify stations app is not available in the UK so we can't use that. This one change has taken spotify from awesome to unuseable for the way I use spotify.

Looks like they removed the "Radio" tab from the Spotify UI (at least on Mac)..  so we're stuck with just the static playlist version.      time to look at the competition.  

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