Spotify Analytics - New Release Artwork Not Showing Up


Spotify Analytics - New Release Artwork Not Showing Up


I have a new release that I have delivered to Spotify. The delivery validated with my delivery company (Consolidated Independent) and was successfuly delivered to Spotify. 


Now that the release has shown up in the Spotify Analytics backend, the artwork section is blank. 


Does anyone know if the artwork will only show after it has been released? Or does anyone know if there is a way to switch the artwork without having to make a full delivery? I just don't know why there is no artwork and being that I am on a tight scheudle, I don't neccessarily have the time to do a whole new delivery.


Any information will be helpful!





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Hello @barnte25 ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


I recommend going over here


Covers most questions a new artist has.


Hope this helps!