Spotify Friend cannot share/send or receive playlists


Spotify Friend cannot share/send or receive playlists


Hi everyone,

                       I cannot send my boyfriend any of my playlists, nor can he send me any.


                       When I try to send him a playlist, the little white loading circle just spins around for hours and nothing ever actually sends.


                       This is not an issue with my account, as I am easily able to send and receive playlists from all of my other friends. Plus, my other friends have tried to send him stuff as well (and he has tried to send them things) and he still has not been able to send or receive anything from anyone.


                        We ARE following him, and he IS following us, so we should be able to send him stuff.


                        After dozens of failed attempts, I suggested he make a new account. I tried to send him stuff on this new account, and still nothing would go through. Now, after even more unsuccessful attempts, his new name doesn't even come up anymore for me to click on when I start to type it in to send him something, even though his old name still appears and I am still following both his old and new accounts and he is still following me from both. 


                        He has checked all of his privacy settings, and nothing should be keeping him from sending or receiving messages and playlists.

                        Perhaps if he made another new account, this time from a different computer, this problem would go away?


Thank you for any help you can provide. I'm sorry this is a weird and confusing problem! I hope I explained it well enough. Have a great day 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Re: Spotify Friend cannot share/send or receive playlists

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As the other user is the one having the issues of receiving and sending content of users they are following, I would suggest he create a account here at the community, and also make a post laying out the details of what he has done to try and fix this issue. The first thing to suggest would be a clean uninstall of the Spotify app. And as each method of a clean uninstall depends on the system being used, he should check the Spotify help pages for doing a reinstall here:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify/?in=search . After removing all folders and files associated with the Spotify desktop app, next is to reinstall with a clean installer from the official download installers page from here: