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Spotify radio recommends same one minute tracks with same generic melody

Spotify radio recommends same one minute tracks with same generic melody

My Question or Issue

When using Spotify Radio on the track "Trancesetters - Secrets of Meditation", Spotify recommended a lot of tracks with almost exact the same melody, all of which had a duration of around 1:01 - 0:56.

To name a few tracks:

- Speun Spesh - Scek Flil (1:01)

- Zapo Iweinsiems (0:56)

- Hoppeosop - Bokiasabi (0:56)

- Yochijan - Ekishi (0:56)

- Ecrailsai - Oshen (0:56)

- Reoft - Toldio Trumpet (0:56)

- Shuyb Frium - Vefloqua (0:56)

- Chukrac - Oxo Leaf (0:56)

- Aphepara - Ewimric (1:01)

- Letoron - Baza Root (0:56)

- Tuliarry - Istrugano (0:56)

- Caden Booth - Aaren Grant (0:56)

- Ecceome - Cippeshil (0:57)

- Iggocory - Angry Wilderness (0:57)

- Uttotro - Vissenel (0:57)

- Dadesop - Konnugano (0:57)


And so on and so on...

This is the link:


Now my question is, some of these tracks are also on YouTube, but these seem like some sort of bots or AI generated stuff. Is this AI generated or is this the use of bots? And who is behind all this, because surely this must be some company or individual.

Spotify always recommends these sorts of tracks when using the radio function on the genres Deep House / House / Old School Trance. The track on which radio function is used, has to be underground, for it to create this whacky radio playlist, is my experience.


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