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Suspicious Playlist


Suspicious Playlist

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Country: Brazil
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I had a song added to a playlist called 'House Music' by the profile '' without my consent. Researching a bit I found the playlist to be somewhat suspicious, according to the site "" this profile charges to have music added to their playlists, but I did not pay to have my music added to any of their playlists. I wonder how to proceed in this case, cause I don't want to have my artist profile related to any playlists that use bots or something like that.

Thank you all 🙂


Top Answer

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


Our Artist Support team are the best folks to help out with this. You can reach out to them here. If you've already reached out to them, there's nothing more you need to do. They'll get back to you soon with a reply and you can keep in touch with them for further assistance or if you have further questions about this matter.


We'll be right here in case you need anything else.


Cheers 🙂

233 Replies

I’ve just had the same but the playlist is now called Pop Carousel. Likewise don’t want my music to be taken down and I didn’t pay them for this. 

Hey! I am a musician and songwriter of the band honeyfrequency. Please remove this playlist, or my song "package" from this playlist! I have never heard until today that there are fake playlists. I don't want to have anything to do with this! I saw an unusual increase in traffic, became interested in the identity of the playlist owner, and stumbled upon this thread. Until today, I never knew about such problems.

Our music is for real people, not for robots and scammers.


This is still going on. My song was added to their EDM playlist without my consent. My music isn’t even close to EDM.

Hello! Same thinghappened to me. put my song on their playlist without my consent and I dont want to grow on fake streams or fans. Can you please remove this playlist? I'll leave the link.

Thank you!



Hello, the same thing has happened to me. My song "Home" was apparently added to artisterio's "Indie World" playlist, it shows up on my artist profile, but when I search for my song on the actual playlist it's not there. Help? The artist is Battleviews and the song is "Home. 

Hello Spotify Community,


So while I'm currently waiting for a response from the Spotify for Artists agent, I just wanted to ask for some help in reporting some fake playlists on Spotify that my tracks have unfortunately been included in as recently as the 22nd of December. Apparently they seem to be associated with Distrokid, which is not the distributor I use and nor did I submit anything to the playlists either. One of the songs I promoted with advertising and I really don't want to delete it from Spotify and lose all of the progress I've made in terms of building up that track.


Here's one of the playlists:


And the other:


The songs that have been included in these playlists are:




Thank you for your help,



I got the same problem:

Big Bad Shakin‘ - Elvis Glasses

landed on this


don‘t know why. Looks and feels like bots. Never reached out to them.


please help


I don't even use Distrokid as my distributor yet I still got added to these playlists. There's something more insidious going on I think.

I operate accounts for Below Bermuda - even now this is still happening. Today i checked our stats and found that  the Pop Carousel playlist features one of our songs.  What can we do?

I have the same issue in January 2023, so it looks Artister is still operating the old way adding to it's playlists Artists without their consent.

I also have been added to this fake playlist and I would like to report them, I did not reach out to them nor did I pay anything for this. Please help us to remove this playlist and the people behind it.

Playlist: and 


My profile is:

Someone added one of our songs into their playlist but we're worried the playlist is not legitimate and it's getting fake streams. We'd like to be removed. We contacted the playlister directly, blocked them, and reported the playlist. The profile is Artister and the playlist is "Indie World" and "No Name"

My follower / listen ratio get totaly destroyed with this bot list, and the only thing the support sayed to me is the cant correct this data, its horrible support from spotify, my whole artist profile gets f… in 2 days 


i wish spotify could do more!!

reupload the song is no conclusion for me

this is unacceptable that these completely fake playlists are allowed to mess up our passion/career. please ban these accounts

Spotify said the removed our song from this list, they did nothing! 
The destroyed new artist the possibility to get a chance like every other artist. 






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

I had a song added to a playlist called 'WAVR.AI | Charts | Weekly Discovery' by the profile 'WAVR.AI' without my consent. After much googling, I discovered this playlist uses bots, and has effected many other smaller artists like myself. This profile charges to have music added to their playlists, but I did not pay to have my music added to any of their playlists. I believe I was added on 1/23/2022, and notice all the plays from the playlist come from Helsinki, Finland.


Using an online spotify data tracker, it shows this particular playlist lost 100% of its 1.4 million followers inbetween Nov 28-Dec 5th 2022, and again between Jan 8-9 of 2023. Why does spotify not completely ban this user, instead of axing them twice only for them to use their bot army to rebuild time and time again? 


Is there any way I can get removed from their playlist? I am fearful that me being added without me knowing or my consent, will result in Spotify flagging my profile or banning me. 

I love Spotify, and I want to feel safe using this platform. 

Thank you all 



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We're sorry for what happened. It's really frustrating when these things happen and thank you for sharing your problem, it might be other people's problem too. Attached is a link where you can report this playlist and explain your case. I believe it will help. A big hug and have a great weekend!

I can say don’t waste your time with this problem, i reported this playlist so often and i was not the only person, i was 7 times in contact with spotify support and the dont care about it, all the do is nothing and the best answer i get from it was the cant do nothing because of private playlist. This problem is still here over 2 years and nothing happen, the know it, and the don’t care about

Has there been any progress on this playlist or curator and details of what it is>?  Our artists are being added to these playlists without consent.  Granted they appear to have 1000's of plays but are they actual plays or what?  We need to keep all of our artists'  playlist campaigns genuine and legit with no room for question.  Any insight is appreciated. thank you,**bleep**

My music was added to the playlist I contacted support and they said I should report it. The legal claim report is not clear under what option I should report it as. Can anyone that has done this before please let me know what I should select.

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