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TABU records

TABU records

I wonderded, is the complete TABU record section been banned/removed from sporify? I'm sure i haven seen the SOS-band, Cherelle and more of those complete on Spotify but most of it is gone 😞

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Hey there !


Spotify has an expanding library of over 30 million songs.

Different legal rules apply on different countries and on top of that sometimes it's all about the artist or record label if their content goes on the app.

Content which has been proven legally right to publish is on the app already.


As far as for the examples you pointed out, SOS Band for example has only 3 tracks in my country.


If you wish to a missing content request you can use this request form here.

As a temporary option i'd use my local files (if you have any) sync them with your app and stream them.


Let me know if i can provide any more help.


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