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The newest episode of Joe Rogan's podcast that its not showing to me

The newest episode of Joe Rogan's podcast that its not showing to me

the last episode i've got its the episode 1921, since then there has already been release episode 1922 and 1923
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Just tried to reach Joe on Twitter. Hope he sees the tweet…

Spotify simply does not care. I cannot believe it takes one month to fix this issue. In 30 days people dig tunnels with teaspoon and escape from prison.

This doesn't seem to be a mistake it is geo restriction. Why are Spotify not telling their customers that certain podcasts are now geo restricted? Some representative from Spotify needs to enter this discussion ASAP this is ridiculous. Silent censorship seems to be the new norm. #twitterfiles

Where is the fix? Pay attention to the problems that are discussing here, if you will not fix Geo restrictions to the paid subscription customers, I'll delete the app and will boycott in every social media platform possible. 

25 days later and still no fix. not even a recognition of the problem. I would make a podcast about how garbage spotify is but we'd probably not be able to play it would we. That's like the only reason I'm not a super successful rich podcaster right now. Seriously though, I'm cancelling my subscription, pirating is too easy for you to be treating us like this. I'd wish you good luck, but that would be a lie.


wth guys, not showing JRE after #1920

Not all of us are in USA

These messages are 2 weeks old. You're tech company. Do something. This is unacceptable, depriving people of their favorite show on a national basis!






(iPhone 12)

Operating System

(iOS 15)


My Question or Issue

I’m still having the playing issue with JRE podcast. The error message I get is “The content is unavailable. Please try reloading the content.” The podcast list is updated just that I can’t listen to any of it. 



All the missing episodes of JRE from 1920 onwards just dropped for me. They are all there now.

yep guys, this is fixed on my side too. 
but jeeeeez , why did it take so long? 

Hello guys, it seems to be fixed!

Thanks to all who reported.

Mine has just fixed now


I can view all new episodes now. Hope this will not happen again in the future. If it does, spotify should at least be transparent to users who pay for the service.

It is fixed for me. 



This should be fixed now. If you're having any other issues with your Spotify, don't hesitate to reach out.


Have a nice day 🙂

Jose_MSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

The issue was fixed at last!
Kudos to devs, who did the job

My issue fixed. If anyone is still having the same issue, try this suggested by Moderator - Alex: “do a clean reinstall of the app, following this exact guide. It's also a good idea to switch off any type of VPN that you might be using. If that doesn't help please let us know your current app version. We'll then send your report to the teams investigating this.”

Hey folks!

Just checking in case the issue persists for some of you before marking this as resolved 🙂
Have a good one!

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Thank you! All my issues have been fixed. I am so pleased that I had to wait just a month before getting a fix for my paid service!! Good job!

I am getting this message when I try to play episodes from a specific podcast.  Everything else plays ok.  In the past I have listened to other episodes of this podcast (Lex Fridman).

Now none of them will play, including the episodes that I have previously listened to.  I get the "Spotify can't play this right now...." message, then a few seconds later it shows "Sorry we're not able to play this content".

This app needs to provide more information than it does.  What is going on with this specific podcast when other podcasts play ok and my music playlists have no problems.  Has this provider changed something to make his content incompatible with Spotify?  Should I drop Spotify and use some other streaming service to access these podcasts?


Using Windows 11

Spotify for Windows

Realtek Audio output to speakers

Premium Family subscription








Nexus 5

Operating System

Android newest


My Question or Issue

When ever I try to play be episodes on Joe Rogan podcast on my phone, the newest ones are missing.


As you see in my screen shot, episode 1926 from Jan 14 is the most recent.



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