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Title error in album "By a Thread" by Devin Townsend Project

Title error in album "By a Thread" by Devin Townsend Project



This post is just to inform that the song listing of the album "By a Thread - Live in London 2011" by Devin Townsend Project (spotify:album:2Iu7YSr7XVm3YMu7h0QAuB) is incorrect. From Track 12 "Addicted!" which is an intro, and not the actual song, all the tracks have the name of the song which is on the next track till the end of the album (so track 12 has the name of the song on track 13, track 13 has the name of the song on track 14, and so on and so forth).


Could you please make that right? Thank you in advance!


PS: I have read all the guidelines for reporting incorrect track information and apart from an old 2012 post saying we should use a contact form that doesn't exist anymore, and the support help saying that we should contact Spotify on twitter, there is no info available. Oh, and I'm not creating a Twitter account just to report an error in Spotify 🙂

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Seems the audio version of the DVD versus the CD release, the song ordering might have been done a bit differently from the track ordering for the audio digital release version. Might check this wikipage on the information of the release: The 9 Disk set contained 4 DVD's of the live shows in their entirety, also 4 audio CD's plus a fifth audio CD containing the encore songs from each of the 4 live shows. Seems the encore songs where added to a fifth audio CD, those encore songs where pulled from the original four live DVD shows, which as you might know DVD's can store much more content than audio CD's? Using the track listing from the wiki page information, you should be able to add the release to a playlist, and then manually move the encore songs back to their proper running order places within the track running order intended for each of the 4 live shows? If you notice from track #43-#56 those are the encore songs from each of the 4 live shows scattered onto 4 CD's. There used to be another version of this release that broke down the song track running order from the original CD audio release of this box set, and that release had all the songs in the proper running order including the encore songs. With the encore songs pulled from each of 4 live shows and added onto it's own CD, the track running order picks up from each live show excluding the encore songs and all the track numbers run in numbered order for the CD's of the tracks in chronological order #1- #56.


The Audio Disks are like this:


Disk 1:

  1. "A Monday"
  2. "Coast"
  3. "Disruptr"
  4. "Gato"
  5. "Terminal"
  6. "Heaven's End"
  7. "Ain't Never Gonna Win"
  8. "Winter"
  9. "Trainfire"
  10. "Lady Helen"
  11. "Ki"

Disk 2:

  1. "Addicted!"
  2. "Universe in a Ball!"
  3. "Bend It Like Bender!"
  4. "Supercrush!"
  5. "Hyperdrive!"
  6. "Resolve!"
  7. "Ih-Ah!"
  8. "The Way Home!"
  9. "Numbered!"
  10. "Awake!"

Disk 3:

  1. "Praise the Lowered"
  2. "Stand"
  3. "Juular"
  4. "Planet of the Apes"
  5. "Sumeria"
  6. "The Mighty Masturbator"
  7. "Pandemic"
  8. "Deconstruction"
  9. "Poltergeist"

Disk 4:

  1. "Fly"
  2. "Heart Baby"
  3. "Saloon"
  4. "Feather"
  5. "Kawaii"
  6. "Ghost"
  7. "Blackberry"
  8. "Monsoon"
  9. "Texada"
  10. "Seams"
  11. "Infinite Ocean"
  12. "As You Were"

Encore Tracks pulled and where they should go at the end of the set list of each live disk:


Disk 1:

  1. "Demon League"
  2. "Coast" (Take 2)
  3. "Synchronicity Freaks"
  4. "Deep Peace"

Disk 2:

  1. "Pixilate"
  2. "Life"
  3. "Kingdom"

Disk 3:

  1. "Fake Punk"
  2. "Wallet Chain"
  3. "Metal Dilemma"

Disk 4:

  1. "Fall"
  2. "Radial Highway"
  3. "Watch You"
  1. "Quiet Riot" for some reason this track is at the end of the audio fifth CD, but is an encore song that belongs to the first live show Disk 1 and should be track 12 after the song "KI" and then the other encore tracks follow titled 13. "Demon League", 14. "Coast" (Take 2)",   15. "Synchronicity Freaks" and 16. "Deep Peace"

Yep, this list is correct. All 'By a Thread' albums and compiled ones need to be corrected.

Created an account just to report this.

I just came on here to report this. Shame nothing has been done as of yet. 

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