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I was listening to Troublesome ‘96 yesterday on Spotify and noticed a weird edit. In the first verse the line “undercover agents die by the random shot” has been edited, taking a clip from later on the track to turn it into “outlaw motherf***ers by the random shot”.
So weird, makes no sense lyrically and why can’t we hear that but can hear other ostensibly “offensive” stuff. Seemingly we can’t hear anything about pregnant women, police officers, sometimes guns in general, but can hear b***h, n***a, and all the curse words.
Anyone know who would be making these decisions, who would be pressuring them, and who decides how to edit them? I’ve honestly never heard an edit like this - taking a clip from the same song and jamming it in whether it makes sense or not!


I would like an answer on this specific song, rather than the usual “we’d love to have all music on Spotify but licensing restrictions apply etc”. Happy to wait! 

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Hey @TonyDZ, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. You can report content on Spotify following these steps, and Spotify will take a look and investigate. 

Have a nice day!

Billy-JSpotify Star
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Hi Billy,


Thanks for the reply, but reporting it as broken or offensive is not the aim here. I would prefer for a spotify employee to repley with some information regarding who would have requested teh song be edited in such a way. I would of course like the songs to be as the artist intended them so I'm wondering if this particualr censoring/editing is due to spotify or due to the record label that owns the rights to the song. I wouldn't say the content is broken so reporting it is not the right solution. 

I read somewhere that it was edited "due to legal reasons". I heard the same thing this morning and noticed it right away, ruins the song. It's not just Spotify though, apparently it was edited on the actual Greatest Hits album from some point onwards. Luckily I've still got the original version somewhere. Censorship sucks.

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