Unwanted Home Screen/Start Screen Content

Unwanted Home Screen/Start Screen Content


I had been a spotify subscriber for nearly a decade when I finally got sick of the impossible to remove  political messaging on my Home Screen. It was a mash up of the Obamas, Black History Month, Gay History Month, etc, etc, etc. If that's your cup of tea, fine, but the fact I had to wade through all that garbage to get to the music I was paying for caused me to cancel my subscription. 


I saw Spotify recently cut ties with the Obamas so I decided to check out the Start Page, and what do you know, almost all of the political messaging is now gone! It's almost good enough for me to resubscribe (I was always happy with the music selection and quality).
Reading other recent posts on this forum, I see some users are unhappy seeing Joe Rogan constantly pushed into their Home Screen, and while I like Rogan, I COMPLETELY get where they are coming from. You go to a music app to feel good. It sets your mood. Having things you dislike shoved in your face with no way to filter them out is an annoyance and destroys all value the app provides.


PLEASE reconsider adding the ability for users to remove content from their start page that they don't want to see. This idea was considered and rejected a few years ago, which was unquestionably a mistake. Keep up the music DNA suggestions, which are awesome, but constantly serving up unwanted content on the Home Screen is like trying to force meat products on a vegetarian. Just stop.

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