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What if a song is corrupted?

What if a song is corrupted?

I'm listening to 'Plague' by Otto Cate and Brian Skeel (from album Mechminded) and the track plays but is messed up from 2:17 - it just skips over and over until the end of the song. I've heard the song several times elsewhere and it does not have this issue (in that this is not the natural ended to the song). How do we get someone to fix the song/upload a better version?


My apologies if this is supposed to go somewhere else - I wasn't sure where to report this.

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Here is how to deal with and report broken songs if the issues are not from the Spotify app on the user end.

Hey @KuroLolita, I've removed your other topic as it was a duplicate of this one.

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Hi- the link you posted to report corrupted audio is itself broken (error 404 page).


Please fix the link or update your post.

Hey @Rodjar13!

Those links should be working now, thanks for the heads up! 💚

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