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Where does Spotify get the Artists Bios?

Where does Spotify get the Artists Bios?

One of my favorite things about Spotify is being able to read a little history about a specific band's beginnings while I'm listening to their music for the first time, it really helps to bring context and voice to the related artists, and sort of what Spotify is. 


And I've noticed that only certain artists get bios, which is very understandable, but I was wondering if there was any way to become part of that process and write/research bios for some of the more under-the-radar artists that I really like? 



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Hello @milagrosa

Spotify pulls bio information from various sources, but mostly they come from the artist himself. I don't know if you can get involved in editing the bio, but if you want to help they recently started testing a tool for editing/providing artist metadata (like mood, genre, tags, album release dates and so on). It's called Line-In - check this thread. I think they still have space available, so you can sign up for an account.

I believe that that if you contact Tivo you may get an artist bio listed.

Hi Milagrosa,


Artist biographies were written by the TiVo (earlier RoVi) team. They can be contacted at and one can apply for a biography. Provide as many verified and official sources/research possible (for them to write a bio based on), official homepages, interviews etc.


The TiVo database/team delivers biographies and artist facts to digital platforms such as, Apple Music and Spotify.


Now that Spotify has their Spotify For Artists page up and running, those artist with acces are able to write their own biography within their individual verified Spotify For Artists page.


"All TiVo editorial material is written by, and at the discretion of, TiVo staff, in accordance with the needs of our clients. Therefore, we cannot guarantee which performers and recordings will receive enhanced editorial coverage, such as a biography or review, nor can we ship third-party biographies. However, any official bio material you attach to your e-mail will be sent to our editors for review."  - TiVo, January 2018.

Hey i’ve been sending 20 urgent emails to *snip* but there’s no reply so what should i do

Many artist-bio's are for other artists then the albums or tracks they are representing. Many artists have same names and Spotify put both their tracks and albums under the same name. If this continues it will be a lot of crappy informations on Spotify. And please, DON'T open up for ordinary people to change the informations, because that will make it worse! Just look at what happened at when they did it. History of music are being deleted every day because people with no knowledge are writing fantasy-stories about artist they have no knowledge of.

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