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Which is the ideal distribution on "How they stream"

Which is the ideal distribution on "How they stream"

Is there an ideal distribution in the stats "How they stream"?

Knowing that could help artists to know where to focus.


For instance, mine are:


Spotify Playlists & Radio: 8%

Their Saved Music & Playlists: 7%

Other People’s Playlists: 77%

Your Artist Profile: 7%

All Other Sources: 1%
(and yes, it adds up to 100%!)
Is this typical?
Is this ideal?
How could it be improved?
What should I focus on?
Anecdotically - what are "All Other Sources"? Some embedded widget in a blog?
Juan María Solare
2 Replies

I have the same questions. I urge Spotify to answer so we receive reliable insight. 


I have been thinking about the "other"-statistics, too. I can only make some educated guesses:

Posting a link of a song in a spotify forum, might give me a listener who has not visited my profile or any playlist.

Also: I am a distrokid user, and distrokid gives me this advertizement page, I sent to some friends:

There is a link to the song on spotify, but no idea if that is counted as profile or other.


For the other part of the question in case spotify don't answer (my impression is they usually don't, but have set up that "rock star" program in the forum to make people help themselves): As from what I have read in the guidelines for artists it is the best for you as a relatively new artist to end up on playlists. The more user playlists you are on the more likely it is (IMHO!!!) to get on algorithmic and editorial playlists...there might be a snowball effect. But this is just my guess and understanding now. But concluding from this I think it is good to have high numbers in the playlist stats - all of the playlist stats.


If you want an experiment for proving my educated guess about "other" statistics, you can click on my song link

(as far as I understand you have to listen at least 20 seconds) and tell me the date you did this. I can check if my other statistics went up that date. Or you post a link of a song and I or someone else click...same story...




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