Why is it that some of my albums have songs missing


Why is it that some of my albums have songs missing


Some of my albums have songs on them that you can' listen to 

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Hey @Leehague01


The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artist and their music label.

Spotify likely does not have permission from the artist / record label for those song to be available.


Unavailable music is always a mystery but when it's unavailable it's because the artist or music label has not given it the green light to be on Spotify. Albums are released in full so if just one song is not given the green light then it will show on the album but it will not be playable.

You can make it so that unavailable songs will still be shown in your playlists/albums so you can keep track of them, but they will be greyed out and unplayable. Make sure to go in settings and check for the setting that shows unavailable songs.

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The songs in question were once available & listened to frequently.

Why am I paying £9.99 a month to have only half the album in question.

Starting to think it is no longer worth the price. 



Yeah spotify is bleeding more money than they can borrow and paying literally nothing to the artists. and yes 0.0033 is nothing literally.  losing customers and making deals with podcasters that they won’t be able to pay soon and have to dump on their asses.    Typical “corporation”