any idea who this artist is?

any idea who this artist is?



in the summer of 2016, i still did not have spotify premium

wich means after every 5 songs i got a commercial, 

by that time, there was a commercial representing a certain artist, which was playing on a guitar and you heard some backgroundmusic: "i need to feel love" of "i want to feel love". you saw him playing on his electric guitar,you saw multiple shots of him while he was walking on some roads. in the background you heard 2 sounds and one of those is written above. in the fade out, you see him putting off his guitar and the screen turns black. the problem is, i listened a lot to his music, and i really liked it. but there's a half a year past and i forgot his name and the name of the songs. my spotify account dont reconise his album. maybe somebody know who this is......




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