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multiple artists sharing one page

multiple artists sharing one page



2 artists i sometimes listen to have mixed up artist page, wich is kinda annoying.. dunno if thats suposed to be that way:




myra is a id say metalcore band but there is also a pop singer with same name so they seem to share that page.




Quo Vadis:


a metal band from i think poland. they got a classic music album on their page by a trio with the same name additionally they got an electronic album on their page called 'Sonic Boom (Life's Too Short)' im sure thats also not them.



i use german Spotify on Windows 8.1 if thats of importance to fix this.





2 Replies


I'm writing to raise the same problem. I've lived with it for a long time, but now apparently a 3rd artist with the same name surfaced, and they are all blended in.


To answer krryk's comment, the metal band is from Québec, Canada, and not Polland, but we have a special French accent that makes everybody think of us as Germans or somewhere in Eastern Europe. I found the comment very funny.


Here are more details to help whoever at Spotify to sort this out:

There are 3 artists blended under the same Artist entry called Quo Vadis. The image of the single artist that comes out when doing a search today, the one with the artwork labelled Defiant Imagination, comes from a band from Quebec, Canada, named Quo Vadis, who recorded all the albums listed between 1996 Forever and 2007 Live in Montreal.


Apparently there is a new Quo Vadis that released a new album (Born to Die), and there also seems to be some songs from Bach that include the latin word Quo Vadis. It's not at all the same kind of music.


Could you separate into different artists? The artwork only should suffice to differentiate by the users.



Im also experiencing that multible Quo Vadis bands have the same page and i hope that spotify will give the bands different pages. I myself is a fan Of Quo Vaids from Canada.


I hope someone at Spotify can do something about this soon.


Otherwise is Spotify my number one place to go when discovering new bands or just listen to my playlists! 



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